SPC Shower Wall Panel, Making Your Bathroom Feel Like Home

How to pop up the bathroom and make it a quality space? You should never neglect the walls, and SPC wall panels will give you the strength you need, and the style you desire.

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spc wall panel tile bathroom shower

Do you know we will spend around 800 days in our bathroom? It is quite a lot. No wonder people want to give their bathroom a stunning makeover! And bathrooms have been regarded no longer as only a functional space, but a place related to the health and happiness of life.

spc wall panel

Besides atmospheric lighting systems, taps, toilets, and other furniture that guarantees adequate storage space, people are paying more attention to the walls as well, which will help to gain both flexibility and attractiveness.

SPC Wet Wall Panels That Help to Build a Sustainable Life

Sustainability has long been embedded in many people’s consumption concepts. And sustainability has played an ever more vital role in bathroom-related purchase decisions.

We can save water, toilet paper, and energy by installing eco-friendly basins and toilets, etc. And people are developing alternatives to avoid waste and consumption of fossil and non-biodegradable materials.

rcb spc wall panel tile

But do you know, the wall as one of the largest areas in your home can also make a huge difference in reducing carbon emissions?

Traditionally, people would go for tiles when thinking about giving the bathroom a renovation. And then there comes PVC wall panels, Acrylic wall panels, plywood wall panels, and laminated wall panels.

eco friendly spc wall panel cladding covering

RCB technique SPC wall panel as one of the most eco-friendly wall materials consumes 1/5 energy, and 12kg  CO2 emission/m2 are reduced during production, making it the trendy and practical alternative to all the previous wall materials.

sustainable spc shower wall panel

And sustainability has always been the philosophy and commitment that extends to what we do and how we do it in everyday life such as the maximal use of virgin raw materials, optimization of the management and production process, renewable resources, etc.

SPC Vinyl Bathroom Wall Panels that Help to Make a Splash

More and more people view showering as one of the most relaxing moments they have during the day.  And bathrooms naturally come with the function to let people spend time on themselves and retrieve from the daily hassles. As a result, you will require not just a soothing bathtub, but also hassle-free walls.

waterproof spc wall panel bathroom shower

100% waterproof, mould-proof SPC wall panels are just the right option. Grout-free bathroom shower SPC wall panels will offer you a physically carefree installation and maintenance experience, as well as mental happiness experience.

terrazzo spc wall panel tile tongue and groove

RCB SPC Wall Panels that Help to Create a New Stage of Art

People’s requirements are always growing: when there is functionality, there should be personality. The bathroom as one of the private spaces in a home truly reflects who you are. And walls which will set the tones and be the feature can also affect the expression of yourself.

terrazzo spc wall panel tile

Featuring maximum design possibilities, SPC wall panels for the bathroom and shower are born to make a statement in every space. Ranging from marble, ceramic, concrete, slate, chic terrazzo, and wood effects, every color design can make the space uniquely yours.

spc wall panel tile grout free

Glossy, matte and textured surfaces, every treatment contributes to adding details and evoking aesthetics to its nature.

marble look spc wall panel

Chevron, hexagon, and subway patterns, every shape commits to delivering different vibes and visually pleasing.

subway style spc wall panel shower bathroom

And do you know you can help to meet your customers’ demands for integrated design with ease? SPC wall panels from our FastPanel collection can be matched with SPC flooring tile from our recommended MagicStone collection and luxury vinyl rigid plank from our OriginWood collection.

spc wall panel flooring

Now,  you have truly helped your customer to make the bathroom a quality and health-promoting space!

If you have any other questions or want to see the magic with your own eyes, you can contact us directly and ask for samples.

Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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