Tongue & Groove SPC Wall Panel for Bathroom and Other Interiors – Why Choose it and How to Install

Whether you choose to clad your walls with wood looks, or marble effects, for bathroom showers, or bedrooms and other interior spaces, DIY-friendly waterproof SPC wall panels would always be your perfect option. Tongue and groove installation method, lightweight but sturdy, easy to lift and deliver, just click and stick, your job is done!

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grout free waterproof wall panel cladding vinyl spc for bathroom bedroom shower

Tongue & Groove SPC wall paneling (T&G) is a popular option for home renovation and large-scale and time-critical new projects. As modern and exquisite as it is sturdy and long-lasting, tongue and groove wall panels offer endless decorative possibilities for diverse styles.

But why should you use tongue and groove SPC wall panel, and what makes our FastPanel with FastClick system unique from others are what we are going to talk about!

spc wall panel tongue and groove waterproof grout free

What are Tongue and Groove Wall Panels and Advantages?

Tongue and groove is a method of joining two objects together. It has been widely applied in wood flooring and wall panel installation, making the whole process easier and faster. If you have already had the flooring in your business lines, or have installed flooring before, I think you would know what I am talking about.

The interlocking joints or the built-in tongue simply lock into the corresponding groove of each wall panel to create a tight and waterproof connection.

wall panel for bathroom shower bedroom living kitchen

Disadvantages of Some Tongue and Groove Wall Panels

Many consumers think it would be straightforward when they first try to install it themselves. Well, it turns out that it is different from what they thought.

Tongue and groove is a general term, the specific click model is different.

  1. If the tongue and groove have been made too short, there isn’t much wiggle room and it would be hard to click the wall panel together.
  2. Fragile: some click system is not sturdy enough, especially when you install a large format wall panel, which needs strong locking strength.
  3. A little bit messy: you must have seen that some tongue and groove wall panels on the market need to apply glue to click and nail the click onto the wall, otherwise it can be difficult to get just right.

nail the wall panel

If you’ve had any one of the issues mentioned above, you should definitely keep on reading. Because there is something different for you that can solve all the problems.

And please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that the tongue and groove wall panel is bad. The problem is what kind of click you should choose, and what kind of way of installation you should consider.

waterproof spc wall panel stain resistance kitchen

In order to have a better solution to the practical installation process and kill those pain points, we have developed our FastClick system. And paired with our own installation system, renewing your walls would be easy-peasy.

tongue and groove click spc shower bathroom wall panel cladding

What is FastClick Tongue and Groove System?

FastClick is the name for the click system on our FastPanel, a collection that focuses on standard SPC wall panels and shower wall panel systems.

What Makes FastClick Unique Lies in the Details of the Click Model

Because wall panels are all in large formats, and are installed vertically, it would be better to have a wider tongue and groove system. All you need is to push one to the other horizontally, and it is done! Strong and tight, seamless and waterproof. I bet all your builders and consumers would appreciate your efforts for choosing this wonderful SPC wall panel.

how to install tongue and groove spc wall panel

As we have mentioned above that some wall panels need to nail the groove onto the wall and then glue the tongue and groove together for better bonding, and also to prevent the wall panel from curling due to the forces of expansion or contraction. To some extent, it does help.

But with our click and installation system, you can be reassured. What’s more, you don’t need to have that permanent damage to the panels.

spc wall panel tongue and goove click installation

Custom Fitting Solution

I guess that you have noticed that there is a little space underneath when you click two panels together. That is the place we design for our custom-fitting profile. Because standard SPC wall panels and our tongue and groove bathroom shower SPC wall panels are all installed vertically, you know you can’t escape gravity, you need something to add more grip besides the glue on the back of the SPC wall panels.

wall panelling cladding for bathroom shower waterproof

Here comes the custom fitting profile. Just click it on the groove side, and nail it onto the wall, you’ve done your part!

And since the fitting profile is specially made based on our SPC wall panels, it fits perfectly with our click system. From now on, you don’t need to damage the clicks of your decorative wall panels. Just easy to install, and quick to renovate.

panels for the wall tile effect waterproof

How to Install SPC Wall Panel with FastClick System?

Made for easy cut and easy fit, grout-free and hassle-free, our standard SPC wall panel and shower wall panel system may have slight differences in terms of installation. For details, please refer to our professional installation and maintenance guidelines. Here we are going to list some of the general steps of how to install SPC wall panels with our FastClick system.

how to install wall panel for bathroom shower bedroom 

     1. Prepare your wall:

make sure the back wall is level and plumb, clean and dry. Our SPC wall panels can be installed on OSB board, MDF board, OSB strips, plaster, sheetrock and green board. On ceramic walls, please make sure all the tiles are strongly bonded.

Note: the wall must be reinforced where you hang a sink basin or other heavy fixtures.

clean dry wall panel installation

     2. Measure and cut:

measure the panel for the space and use the utility knife, circular saw, or jigsaw to cut it. If tile pattern, we recommend dividing the panel equally.

     3. Apply construction-grade structural adhesive:

apply structural adhesive in strips evenly around the edges of the wall panel.
Pay attention: leave a 5cm spacing between the strips and wall panel edges to prevent the adhesive from overflowing after installation, and 10cm between each dot.

apply adhesive glue and stick spc bathroom shower wall panel

      4.  Secure the Panel and Install Custom Fitting Profile:

fit the custom fitting profile onto the groove, and screw it to the wall.

It is recommended to install one custom fitting profile every 50cm. For backwall with steel studs, wooden studs, or OSB strips, apply fitting profiles on the studs, battens and strips.

spc wall panel custom fitting profile screws tongue and groove

      5.  Install the Second Panel:

clean the surface and apply structural adhesive following the above steps. Fit the other wall panel with the tongue side into the groove.

Continue to install the rest of the wall panels. In the process of installation, you may also need the internal corner profile, external corner profile, end cap, and H-joint trim.

wall panel accessories internal external corner profile end cap h-joint trim

You may also need to use the hole saw to cut the panels for the pipes, and other accessories in the bathrooms. You can contact us for the installation brochures and videos, we would love to discuss more details with you.

Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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