Mould Proof SPC Wall Panel is Making Everything Right

Do you know that the number of social housing tenants in England complaining of damp and leaks is on course to more than double in the two years since a child died after living in a rented flat with chronic mould. A mould proof wall panel and bathroom wall panel are in on urge demand.

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grout free mould proof spc wall panel

According to The Guardian, up to six percent of social housing properties in England ( around 240,000) have notable or serious damp and mould problems. Around 176,000 private renting households are also living with mould. With a further 8,000 so severe that they “pose a serious and immediate risk to health”.

“And the NHS advises that mould can produce allergens, irritants and toxic substances, and can trigger asthma attacks”, which means a modern alternative to tiles, a mould proof SPC wall panel and bathroom wall panel will be an answer to help solve the problem.

spc wall panel shower bathroom kitchen mould free

The Problematic Mould

Mould grows wherever moisture is present.

Live in a wet country like UK, mould will easily get growth, especially in the bathrooms, on windows, or anywhere that is moist and cool. Sometimes it can be easily seen on the surface, and sometimes it is hard to be noticed. Even if it hasn’t had any on the interior surface,  it definitely is a big threat to human health.

mould bathroom

According to The Guardian, “Based on international research data,” says Jouni Lohi, a pathologist at the University of Helsinki, “it is known that living or working in a building with moisture damage can cause asthma, asthma exacerbation, allergic alveolitis and increased susceptibility to respiratory infection.”  Exposure to mould and mildew can be extremely dangerous for pregnant women as well.

mould health issue

How to Solve the Mould Problem

Facing such a severe social problem, the UK Government has launched the ‘Make things Right’ campaign (Monday 6 March 2023), which urges social housing tenants to complain to landlords about substandard living conditions, housing associations are being encouraged to consider modern materials within the bathroom; where cases of mould build-up are most prevalent.

waterproof bathroom shower wall panel system

The tile in your bathroom or kitchen is regularly exposed to moisture and heat, which is ideal for mould to begin to grow.

Mildew and mould will easily bind themselves to porous substances. And you know what, grout is exactly the perfect porous!

For the sake of your own health, it is time to get over with tiles and embrace the new and reliable material, which is the SPC wall panel for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, etc.

waterproof spc wall panel

Mould Proof SPC Wall Panel

100% Waterproof

Featuring 100% waterproof RCB (rigid core board) technology and industry-leading coating technique, our SPC wall panel is 100% waterproof from top to bottom.

Tongue and Groove click system with extra strength and perfect alignment also prevents any spills and moisture from penetration.

wall panelling cladding for bathroom shower waterproof

100% Grout-free and Mould-free

Want the tile effect, but don’t want the messy grout? No problem!

Grout free SPC wall panel is exactly built for a hassle-free life.

There is no need to worry about mould or bacteria clinging to the grout and reproducing.

Grout-free SPC wall panel means no mould, even in the shower and bathroom!

grout free mould proof spc wall panel bathroom shower

Naturally formaldehyde-free, easy to fit and safe to use, it is time for retailers, builders, contractors, homeowners and the whole society to get the priority and the urgency to embrace modern wall panel materials like our standard SPC wall panels and shower wall panel kits from the FastPanel collection.

If everyone can make it right from the start, no more tragedy will happen. You, and your loved ones deserve to live in safe and healthy conditions. And we promise we can make it different!

spc wall panel low maintenance handy size stain resistance

Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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