SPC Shower Bathroom Wall Panels System – One Solution for All Your Needs

Like the bathroom shower wall panel have been rapidly spreading all over the world, to name a few, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. It offers an easier and quicker-to-install alternative to tiles, which have been the go-to choice for years. It is not easy to come out of your comfort zone, but you have to admit, tiles are out of date! The era of shower wall panels is coming!

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bathroom shower wall panel kit system

If you are thinking about providing an easier shower wall renovation, but don’t want to deal with the messy grout that comes with tiles, a shower SPC wall panel system would be the perfect solution. And if you are willing to open up your minds, you might find yourself in a new world!

SPC Shower Wall Panel Kit

No matter whether there is a 2-sided or 3-sided shower enclosure, walk-in bath and stylish NEO angle corner shower, our waterproof shower panels for wall system has got you covered from head to toe and paired perfectly with your sanitary faucets.

  • Diverse Solutions:

Designed to fit different shower wet room space, our shower SPC wall panel system from FastPanel collection have 4 main models with 2 different heights of 78” and 94.5” to meet most of the demands. Standard wall panel height is up to 110″ (2800mm).

waterproof bathroom shower wall panel system

And depending on the different structures of the shower space and the sizes of the bathtub or tray, the width, and depth vary as well, making the installation much quicker and easier as only need 2–5 panels are required to complete the entire wall.

  • Accessories:

  1. Shower Wall Panel Internal Corner: to give a smooth curve to the joint;
  2. SPC Wall Panel External Corner: used to hide the position where two wall panels meet and create a neat look;
  3. Bathroom Wall Panel End Cap: made to start or finish a straight run.
  • All-in-one System:

You will only need one kit with waterproof shower SPC wall panels and trims all packed to transform every bathroom shower areas.

bathroom shower wall panel system

Easier and Quicker to Install

Won’t it be much happier if you can have a hassle-free bathroom wall transformation installed in the morning and finished by the afternoon? Then you should say goodbye to tiles, and hello to grout-free shower SPC wall panels!

The tongue and groove interlocking system makes it possible to have a seamless installation.

  1. You need to measure the area and pick the ideal model of bathroom wall panels;
  2. Prepare your back walls. Make sure it is level and plumb;
  3. Apply structural adhesive in a certain way and fit onto the wall;
  4. Install the next wall panel with the tongue side fitted into the groove

You will have the perfect bathroom wall renovation without the needs for mortar and messy grouts to save 70% installation and labor costs.

And it can be directly applied to any surface including tiles, concrete, plywood, etc. as long as it is level and plumb, making it one of the most efficient ways for bathroom renovation.

shower wall panel tongue and groove

Easier to Cut and Fit

Tilling a shower and cutting tiles into shapes can be a frustrating process.

Fortunately, our shower wall panel can be cut and installed with normal household tools so that it can fill the niche, and fit the pipes and other bathroom sanitary wares in a fraction of the time.

Light Weight and Resilient

Featuring a premium rigid core board and special formula, every panel we design is resilient, durable, and dimensionally stable.

And compared to tiles, wet room SPC wall panels are lightweight, which means it is easy to transport, deliver and fit to the wall with a minimum cost, DIY- friendly.

Waterproof and Mold-proof

Hands up if you have ever spent hours on cleaning the mold and stains at the grout between your tiles. I bet you must have tried different ways to change this situation.

Well, there is good news for you. Featuring enhanced surface protection, shower SPC wall panel is low maintenance and the only maintenance it needs is a quick wipe.

And because this is no grouting, there will be no mold, fungi, and other stains taking root in your shower, and it will stay clean and fresh for years.

waterproof bathroom shower spc wall panel

Versatile Designs

Please don’t be disappointed when I say there is no grout to create a visually appealing tile look. Billed for its flexibility, our SPC wall cladding for the bathroom from FastPanel collection has a wide array of colors and patterns. So no matter whether you are looking for shower wall panels that look like tiles, or a wood look and marble effect, I am sure there is always something for you.

Can’t wait to know which bathroom wall panel systems and designs suit you better? Don’t hesitate to contact us !

grout free bathroom shower wall panel

Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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