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Our reputation has been earned through decades of
product expertise and experience, service, and passion for you and our planet, for now and future.

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Opportunities increased when you partner up with us. Our customer-oriented way of working is reflected by the diverse solutions we offer to you. With down-to-earth service and policy, from the first step to the last, we let you have faith and confidence.

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Extensive materials from digital marketing to the physical display, from online social media and advertisements to local events and customer samples, we give you an edge to show the world you are the one.

Latest Flooring Designs

Stand out from the pack and always inspire your customers with new and timeless designs. Global color design teams will create the perfect world for color, surface, texture and format.

Sing the Praises

Our customer-oriented way of working is reflected in every aspect of our phrase.
We believe we can only build greater stories and see the bigger picture by the connection with you.
Let our customers do the talking!

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