SPC Wall Panel – What is it and What are the Benefits

The market is crowded with various types of wall paneling, each with their own set of pros and cons. But do you know that there is an innovative SPC waterproof vinyl wall panel with all the benefits that can provide you with the perfect solution for any surface?

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spc wall panel for bathroom, bedroom, living room STEP GUARD FastPanel collection

What is SPC Wall Panel?

SPC flooring is something you’re probably familiar with. Premium SPC flooring has been the market’s darling due to its 100% waterproof and multi-functionality.

With the growing trend of integrated design, we have one question: can SPC flooring climb to our walls without sacrificing performance? Here it comes our FastPanel collection – modern SPC Wall Panel System.

The basic structure of SPC vinyl wall panel for shower walls from top to bottom is wear layer, UV coating, decor film, rigid core and the click system.

what is the structure of spc wall panel

However, what makes SPC wall panels different from the flooring lies in the secret of the rigid core. Considering the large format used on the wall, dimensional stability and resilience are crucial. And the surface needs to have extra stain resistance protection.

spc wall panel cladding advantages chart

Facing the diverse design possibilities, brand exclusive decor patterns with particular treatments will also deliver unique visual effects that satisfy the demands for both wood look, ceramic, look, fabric effect, and pattern effect.

spc wall panel wood look ceramic marble terrazzo effect STEP GUARD FastPanel collection

7 Benefits of Using SPC Vinyl Wall Panels

5 Times Easier and Quicker to Install

  • Large format: large format height ranging from 78” H (1981.2mm) to 110.2” H (2800mm), you will only need a few panels to finish the entire wall instead of tons of tiles!

Alcove shower wall cladding system designed for different structures of the bathroom includes all the panels and trims you need to finish your bathroom renovation.

shower bathroom wetroom wall panel STEP GUARD FastPanel

  • Click system: with the exclusive tongue and groove interlocking system, just measure, cut, click, stick and done! Grout-free and mortar free, a true hassle-free wall transformation. Install in the morning, and you will get a new wall by afternoon.

The perfect solution for homeowners and builders who have time-critical and large-scale projects.

spc wall panel tongue and groove internal external corner end cap h joint trim accessory

70% Cost Less to Deliver and Install

In comparison to traditional wall materials that require you to spread mortar and grout the tile, SPC wall panels are grout-free and mortar-free, saving you a significant amount of material and labor costs.

Lighter than the traditional tiles but resilient will reduce transportation and delivery costs while increasing profit margins overall.

STEP GUARD SPC Wall Panels vs Tiles

Waterproof, Moisture Proof and Mold Proof

100% waterproof, moisture proof, and mold resistant surface and core board, combined with a tight locking system make our SPC shower wall panel system the ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, offices, and other areas prone to spills and splashes.

waterproof mold proof spc wall panel for bathroom shower room wetroom STEP GUARD FastPanel collection

Durable and Long-lasting Interior SPC Wall Panel

With extensive protection against wear and tear, you don’t have to worry about how they stack up next to the real thing. Ensuring longevity in your walls, our SPC wall panel is perfect for busy households, especially for families with kids and pets.

Easy to Clean and Maintain SPC Wall Panels

Enhanced surface protection against stains from daily life makes it ideal for active lifestyles. Using a cloth to wipe it clean for routine maintenance will be enough to keep it as new and fresh as Day 1.

kitchen backsplash spc wall panel STEP GUARD FastPanel

Fireproof and Steam Resistance SPC Kitchen Backsplash

Bfl-1s grade flame retardant is safe to be used in hot zone areas such as behind the stove as a kitchen backsplash. The tongue and groove installation system makes it easier than ever to renovate the whole space. And it is also suitable to be used in the hotel hallway for both aesthetic and safety concerns.

Eco-friendly Living

We believe that creating a green and eco-friendly wall panel is the only way we go, and that’s why we are always on the path to finding a more sustainable wall solution.

Compared to the traditional wall tiles production process where a large amount of carbon dioxide is emitted, there is only 1/5 energy consumption, and 12kg CO2 emission/m2 is reduced.

sustainable eco friendly wall panel STEP GUARD FastPanel collection

If you are considering what to choose to transform the walls with ease and style, SPC wall panels from our FastPanel collection will definitely be your new choice, with the look you would love, and performance you will not regret! Want to know more inspirations about where you can use them? Check this out!


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Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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