Innovation and technology make our products smarter. In the industry crowded with “me-too” products, how to stand out from the pack has always been our concern. Through our relentless investment, our products impress customers with ever-on-trend style and win customers’ hearts with leading strength. Innovate or fade away, what do you choose?

SPC Wall Panel

SPC rigid core paired with brand exclusive tongue and groove FastClick system, our SPC wall panel gives you endless “no tile” tile wall ideas with waterproof features and extensive wear and tear performance.

spc wall panel tongue and groove click stick
tile effect spc wall panel grout free

5S U-GUARD Technology

An exclusive brand coating technology applied on SPC flooring to solve the essential and practical demands in daily life. The optimal guard to your carefree life.

EmpowerCore Technique

Unlike other mineral core products with MgO added to the formula, our exclusive core material is harvested from the natural mine born with Magnesium Calcium (MgO) substance.

Antimicrobial Surface

Built-in antimicrobial surface SPC flooring gives you 24/7 hygienic life and 99.9% cleaner than untreated flooring. Create a healthier and cleaner life starting from the foundation!