about Partnership


about Partnership

Our excellence is partnered with your success. We produce, we create and we partner up. And that means we’ve got you covered every step of the way.  STEP GUARD is not just a name, it is a partner that thinks what you think and helps you excel. Let the actions speak louder!

Strong partnerships with service-minded way of working

We believe warranty is another name for guarantee. We are responsible for every flooring plank we make,  every wall panel we create, every dealer in our community, and every consumer who believes in us. We have complete confidence in our products, so we take the quality warranty as a testament of it.

Easy-to-access team and hands-on experts are always here for you to offer agile, personalized, comprehensive solutions.

Comprehensive Marketing Supports, Interact with the Brand and Product

We believe that people desire better and unique solutions

Providing holistic physical marketing materials presented to your customers and consumers is vital to simplifying their purchasing decision. In order to trade people out of different categories and price points, we design the vast visual options available within all STEP GUARD product lines that will be able to help expand the brand influence, drive growth and boost your sales.

printing and digital product and brand catalog for dealer marketing material merchandising support from STEPGUARD
flooring color swatch marketing material dealer support from STEPGUARD

Immediate and tactile nature, instant and powerful sensational impact. A brand truly resonates with you, your customers, and your consumers.

flooring sample box dealer physical marketing merchandising material dealer support for better presentation from STEPGUARD
industry news and data for dealer support
spc flooring display box tool marketing merchandising material dealer support from STEPGUARD
spc rigid core luxury vinyl flooring display boards marketing materials dealer support from STEPGUARD
flooring stand and display board marketing material merchandising dealer support from STEPGUARD

Going Digital, Going Viral

We have kicked off the online advertising campaign on main social platforms to influence customers throughout all phases of the shopping experience, which will all end up with the surge in retail traffic, growth in sales and development in brand influence.

digital online marketing dealer supports from STEPGUARD

Small Things Make a Huge Difference

—various store and event materials

Make Yourself Heard Every Minute

—extensive online marketing supports