Brand & Dealer

  1. Premium quality: quality creates unshakable customer loyalty, ultimately resulting in our brand’s long-term and competitive growth. We are responsible for every plank of flooring we make, and every panel of the wall we create. Our unwavering commitment to quality and performance is built on our constant investment in innovation.
  2. Trend-leading products. We don’t want to repeat what has been done already, we want to create a new flooring world with ever-appealing design and performance that can let everyone truly live their life. We are your first step to beautify your space.
  3. Down-to-earth service. We value your trust, and we believe our success is accompanied by your success. Therefore, we offer agile, personalized, and all-around service from the right beginning.

No, we don’t sell to the end users directly. What we do is to support our dealers, distributors, partners, etc in worldwide markets by offering them visually stunning and industry-leading performing products and helping them serve their customers well.

We STEP GUARD runs deep in the luxury vinyl flooring and wall panel industry. And with our concentration and dedication, we have made groundbreaking progress in SPC flooring to meet diverse needs, innovative SPC wall panels, peel and stick vinyl tile, dryback vinyl plank.

Yes, we have established a complete warranty system for every collection in our product ranges. We believe warranty is another name for guarantee, and we are responsible for every plank and wall panel we make.

Whenever there is a quality issue, contact us; however serious it is, contact us; after investigation, we will have a solution to give you the perfect answer.

Right now, we don’t have a warehouse elsewhere except for our own production warehouse. Therefore, our dealers need to have a place to stock the products they purchase from us themselves.

But we are working on our plan to have the warehouse built in some areas near our dealer. Stay tuned.

Yes, we do.

First, we have plenty of stocks for our popular colors. And we do stock products for our dealers as well for fast delivery once their sale volume is steady and the popular ones stand out from the rest.

Second, we have stocks of materials for all our collections and customized colors, so we can still make a faster move when our dealers place orders.

Yes, we do. According to the dealer policy, we have different requirements. But generally speaking, the MOQ is one 20ft container.

MOQ: 200 m2  for each color.

But we will check our stock, if the color you choose is within our ranges, then you can take more colors to promote in your market as support.

First, you are willing and capable of importing flooring and wall panel.

Then, any of our sales reps will be glad to discuss the partnership with you.

Simply send us an email to info@stepguardfloors.com and related personnel will be appointed to help you.

Of course! We can send you samples to truly see the products and feel the difference. Just contact us and tell us what you want.

At STEP GUARD, we are committed to helping our dealers thrive. And we understand the fierce competition in the flooring industry right now, as a result, we have come up with a complete marketing system and campaign which includes various types of marketing materials both online and offline.

You will have your own sales rep to help you with every step of the business.

As a community, we held gatherings regularly. And we also financially support our dealers to take participate in the global and some local flooring events to expand the influence.

Find out more about how we will support you by clicking here.

Of course, in order to better support our dealers, we have made a comprehensive policy based on your different conditions to achieve a long-term business relationship. Please contact us to know the benefit you can get!

Yes, we do. As a flooring trendsetter, our design team has been constantly keeping an eye on flooring trends all over the world. We get inspiration from nature and artistry, and will launch our new colors twice a year.

Yes, we offer customized color service. We understand different countries have their own taste, and if we don’t have the color you want in our current collections, we can customize the design based on the local needs.

Yes, we can. We value the trust of every one of our dealers and we will protect their rights as well. We can have an agreement if the customized color is asked to be exclusive only to one dealer.

Yes, we do offer a printing version of our catalogs. But always keep an eye on our digital version as well for the new updates.

We have a complete quality management system to guarantee the best quality from the origin. Our engineers will have onsite inspections and laboratory tests as well. Every plank has its unique batch and inspection number, and every order has its qualified quality inspection report that meets the strictest standards. Simply contact us for more details.

Product & Collection

SPC flooring, also known as rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, is the updated and innovative generation of vinyl floors. STEPGUARD SPC flooring is made of 100% virgin material, PVC powder, and stabilizers. The exclusive formula guarantees premium quality and industry-leading performance. Learn more!

As the leading category in the flooring industry, SPC flooring has been the go-to option and the fastest-growing choice due to its dimensional stability compared to other floors, durability, stain resistance, low maintenance, and waterproof.

Besides all the attributes, STEP GUARD SPC flooring is antimicrobial and formaldehyde-free, which promotes a healthier, safer and cleaner way of living. Read more about how we perform.

Generally speaking, the core material and structure are different, which leads to different performances. Waterproof and dimensional stability are way better than laminate flooring. And also STEP GUARD SPC flooring is formaldehyde-free and phthalate-free, which is more eco-friendly and sustainable. Learn more!

Generally speaking, SPC flooring can be designed with wood, ceramic, marble, stone, carpet, etc looks in different types of thickness, format, layout, and surface treatments to deliver various visual appeals. Look what we offer!

Nature never repeats itself, and neither do we!

Our LuxWood collection is an innovative product that combines the real wood veneer on top of the mineral core with MgO added to deliver waterproof performance, better dimensional stability, as well as premium durability for long-lasting authentic wood beauty. It is the next generation of hybrid wood SPC flooring. Check it out now!

Our OriginWood collection is designed to recreate the true-to-nature wood appearance with industry-leading performance that can handle your daily messes. Assorted colors, different specifications, various formats, perfect-matching surface treatments, etc, there is always one wood look luxury vinyl SPC flooring you will love. Learn more!

MagicStone collection is the embodiment of the natural elegance itself. Inspired by the magic of nature for centuries, this collection will bring you the visual feast of marble, ceramic, stone, terrazzo, etc. This stone and marble effect luxury vinyl rigid core flooring collection is made for the trendsetters and those who want to bring a vibrant rhythm into the interiors. Find the inspirations!

Are you still choosing wood, tiles, fabric, MDF boards, and PVC to decorate your walls? It is time to change! Our FastPanel collection is engineered to change the industry.  Large format rigid core SPC wall panel with better durability, premium resistance to stains and easier installation is perfect for bathrooms, shower, wet rooms, bedrooms, etc. This is your modern choice of integrated design solutions.  Let floor climb your walls!

If you want to find a better acoustic solution without compromising styles, then AcousticPanel collection would be your perfect choice. Featuring class B NRC=0.8 acoustic performance, our acoustic slat wall panels can effectively absorb noise and reduce sound reverberation. Paired with our SPC wall panels, they can easily add layers and different schemes to any space.

STEP GUARD SPC flooring has been certified as R10 slip resistance, which means it will be perfect for kiTchens and bathrooms. And it will have a greater friction coefficient when confronting with water.

Yes. First, STEP GUARD SPC flooring with 10 times more durable surface is scratch proof, and of course, pets’ nails are not a big deal. Second, our flooring is protected with built-in stain resistance, pet urine, dirty paw prints and other messes will not leave a trace.

Yes. Each plank of STEP GUARD SPC flooring from OriginWood collection and MagicStone collection is built with antimicrobial coating and underlay to prohibit the growth of microbial such as Escherichia coli, mold, and mildew.

Certified by SGS, STEP GUARD SPC flooring is grade 6 in terms of color fastness to light, which means it has a very good ability to withstand sunlight and doesn’t fade. But we still don’t recommend installing the flooring where it has excessive exposure to direct sunlight.

STEP GUARD rigid core SPC flooring is 100% waterproof from top to bottom. Rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, or basements are prone to spills and our flooring can be used without worries.

STEP GUARD SPC flooring is antimicrobial with a built-in coating to protect the surface from harmful bacteria, 99.99% against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, 24/7 effective.

With antimicrobial underlay, STEP GUARD SPC flooring is mold-proof and moisture-proof from the bottom up. Find out more.

Yes. Due to the exceptional performance and attributes it has, we have established a comprehensive product system, flooring accessories such as T-molding, quarter round, Scotia, reducer, etc, and accessories on stairs such as stair nose, tread, skirting, stair nose, etc are all available.

Contact us for more information.

Yes and no. The requirements for commercial spaces are different. We have extensive collections with different specifications to meet diverse demands. As a result, you can choose flooring with better wear resistance from our collections.

Contact us, and we can help you with professional suggestions.

As a brand striving for quality, every plank of our flooring and wall panel have been certified by FloorScore, SGS, CE, ISO9001, ISO14001. For detailed information, please contact us for the files.

FloorScore is the most recognized indoor air quality certification standard for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underpayments.

STEP GUARD flooring is fully certified by FloorScore which will guarantee our flooring can promote healthy air quality in residential and commercial areas. Breathe freely, and live healthier!

Wall Panel

The basic structure of SPC wall panel from top to bottom is wear layer, UV coating, decor film, rigid core and the click system. Known for its waterproof, stain resistance, scratch resistance, durable, easy to maintain and various design possibilities  it has become a modern alternative to tiles.

Yes, wall panel from FastPanel collection is waterproof, moisture proof and mold proof. It is approved for all wet room areas, such as in the bathrooms, shower, kitchens, etc.

  • Easier and quicker to install: featuring FastClick system, you only need to measure, cut, click and stick the wall panel. 5 times quicker and 70% cost reduced. Perfect for home renovation and new projects.
  • Grout-free: this is your new “no tile” tile wall idea. No need for messy grouts.
  • Waterproof and mold proof: SPC wall panel is suitable to be used in wet room area such as bathrooms, shower, kitchen, etc, bedrooms, living rooms and other interior wall design commercial projects.
  • Hygienic: STEP GUARD wall panels provide a clean, healthy, and hygienic solution for wall decoration, formaldehyde-free and VOC free.

For the most demands of wall panel in different countries, the standard sizes of wall panel from our collection are 86.6″ H× 17.7″ W ((2200mm H x 450mm W), 94.5″ H× 23.6″ W (2400mm H x 600mm W), 110.2″ H× 23.6″ W (2800mm H x 600mm W).

For bathroom shower wall panel system, we offer two height solutions: 78″ and 94.5″. For the details, please contact us for more info.

We offer different types trims for various demands.

  • Internal corner profile gives a smooth curve to the joint.
  • External Corner is used to hid the position where two wall panels meet and create a neat look.
  • End Cap is used to start or finish a straight run.
  • H-joint Trim is designed for vertical joining of the panels or used as a decorative trim.

Our SPC wall panel can be installed on concrete wall, plasterboard, or existing tiles. With rough, uneven walls, you need to use OSB board, strips, MDF board, wood battens or steel strips to even out the wall and fix the wall panels. For details, please refer to the installation and maintenance video guide.

STEP GUARD FastPanel collection is designed to be used as an interior design finish only. It can be applied in wet rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and other interior projects.

Yes. Featuring a tongue and groove interlocking system, STEP GUARD wall panels are easy to install. You just need to measure, cut to size using knife or jigsaw, stick and click, your wall transformation is done.

Yes. All panels are provided with full installation and maintenance guidelines and videos.

Yes, it is safe to glue STEP GUARD SPC wall panel onto drywall, for detailed requirement, please refer to the installation and maintenance guidelines. And also check the backwall requirements for extra support before installing a seat, niche or heavy objects.

Yes, you can as long as the tile wall is sound, level and plumb. Our SPC wall panels are suitable  to be installed over tiles for a quicker and easier renovation.

We recommend cleaning our SPC wall panel with a cloth, and water for the daily maintenance. Just wiping it off will be sufficient for daily maintenance.

Scouring powers, abrasive cleaners, bleach, or wax should not be used.

10 years provided when following our recommended installation and maintenance guidelines.

Acoustic Slat Wall Panel

Our acoustic slat wall panels are the perfect combination of acoustic performance and aesthetic appeal. Made of premium PET fiber, CARB P2 MDF slat and real wood veneer, this 3D acoustic slat wall panel provides superior sound, noise, reverberation and echo absorption capabilities. Check for more details!

  • Easy to install and maintain: simply use the drywall screws or construction adhesive to glue on the walls. And the job is done!
  • Better acoustic performance: NRC=0.8 class B acoustic performance, and if you choose to mount the panels on a framework and insert mineral wood behind, you can achieve sound absorption class A;
  • Visually appealing; real wood veneer on top to bring natural beauty to every space.

Width: 600mm

Length: 600mm; 1100mm; 2400mm;2800mm; 3000mm

All with wood slat & gap: 27mm × 13mm

We have large stock  for all the Deco Veneer Series, total 7 colors and 2 colors from Natural Veneer Series.

And for our brand dealers, once your colors are settled, we will have stock as well.

You can mount the panels on all surfaces, including brick, wood, concrete and plasterboard.

No, interior use only.

We don’t recommend using panels in humid places. But they should be fine as long as they are not in direct contact with water. And for a long-term lifespan, you can apply a waterproof finish on top of the acoustic slat wall panels.

Yes, you can.

If installing into ceilings, make sure they are screwed into ceiling joists.

Please make sure the correct fixings are used if going into the plasterboard, for example. We strongly recommend strengthening the panel by screwing with screws, making at least 3 rows, totally 45 screws.

Installing in a sauna is not recommended.

Yes, you can.

Only your imagination sets limits for use of our acoustic slat 3D wall panels.

Yes, you can.

It can be mounted on a rounded wall if the curve is not too sharp.

If the curve is sharp, we will need to customize it.

It can be fire resistance upon request. With fireproof veneer, it can achieve B-S2, d0.

Measure and cut to length needed using the saw or circular saw;
Cut panel to width needed using blade cutter.

Measure & Cut
Measure and cut to length needed using the saw or circular saw;
Cut panel to width needed using blade cutter


  • Type A: Gluing straight onto the wall
    A construction glue or grab adhesive is recommended for this.
  • Type B: Screwing directly into the wall.
    Using black screws for the black backing options or silver or grey screws for the grey backing, the panels can be screwed directly into the wall through the acoustic felt.
  • Type C: Screwing the panels into 1.8″ timber battens

For details, please contact us for the installation and maintain guidelines.

Simply use a dry cloth can wipe the panels down to keep it clean.

To prevent dust, build up on the PET fiber, lightly dust with a soft cloth, or vacuum with a soft brush attachment.

Don’t use harsh cleaners or abrasives.

Installation & Maintenance

Yes, it is recommended to acclimate the flooring for at least 24 hours in the space where you are going to install for better results and a longer lifespan.

We would recommend preparing for an extra 10% of flooring to install.

Yes, it can be laid directly over concrete. However the subfloor must be clean, flat, dry and structurally sound. For more requirements, please refer to our installation guidelines and installation video.

STEPGUARD SPC flooring can usually be laid directly on top of the ceramic tiles, but you the subfloor is flat, any unevenness should not be greater than 1/8″ (3mm) in 6’6 (2m). And also you need to seal the tile grout.

No, you can’t install SPC flooring on carpet and other types of floating floors.

Yes, it is advised that you use felt pads and chair mats to avoid damaging the finish after years of wear and tear.

No, you can’t use rubber mats on SPC flooring, for it will permanently stain the floor.

Our 100% waterproof SPC flooring and tiles can be installed in any room of your home such as the basement, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc. STEPGUARD SPC flooring is an interior product and needs to be stored or installed in a temperature-controlled environment between 15°C-30°C (60°F-85°F)

Yes, the standard requirement for STEPGUARD SPC flooring is to maintain proper interior humidity levels between 35%-70% RH.

Yes. While every plank of STEPGUARD SPC flooring is dimensionally stable, it can experience some contraction and expansion with temperature fluctuations.

It is recommended to leave an 8-10mm expansion gap between the floor and walls. And for large area commercial settings, it is recommended to leave a 10-12cm expansion gap in every 10m×10m area.

Yes, we have the installation manual and also video to show the details, you can find it in our download and video hub section.

Simply sweep or run a mop over it to get up the dirt, dust and grit. Or you can also use the vacuum to help clean the flooring.

STEPGUARD SPC flooring is stain-resistant. So you don’t need to worry about spilled juice, coffee or wine left stains. Simply absorb wet spills as quickly as possible by blotting with paper or towels. Don’t use bleach or abrasive cleaners on the surface.

You don’t need to polish the flooring, and never use wax on the surface.

You can spray the floor maintain oil once a month and wax the flooring once a half year to preserve the original look. Never use any type of buffing machine.