SPC Wall Panels Transform the Old & Unhealthy School Education Environment

Staring a school renovation projects to improve the overall safe and healthy learning environment will benefit the future of students. SPC wall panel with tongue and groove easy installation, mold proof and hygienic features has become the trending choice.

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spc vinyl wall panel school education renovation

In recent times, the dilapidated state of classrooms and the presence of hazardous materials have drawn attention to the urgency of the situation.

The Herald Sun, February 9 – Mount Eliza Secondary School parents are raising their voices, demanding immediate improvements to address issues like asbestos contamination, black mold growth, and structural problems.

This is not an isolated phenomenon. In response to this widespread social issue, numerous schools are actively seeking innovative ways to upgrade their facilities. SPC Wall Panels, with their numerous benefits, have emerged as a game-changing solution for upgrading various school facilities.

mold wall

In the subsequent articles, we’ll continue to gain insight into how SPC wall covering is revolutionizing educational infrastructure and shaping the future of our schools through the case study of school renovations. Stay tuned for an in-depth analysis of each case.

SPC Wall Panels, The Ultimate Solution in Humid Areas

Background Information:

The school is located in a humid area with seasonal temperature and moisture changes, which has caused wear and deterioration of its building materials over time. The classroom showed peeling walls, and mold growth, compromising safety and hygiene, making a conducive learning environment difficult.


Finding a suitable wall material that can withstand the humid climate, withstand wear and tear, and resist mold growth.


After thorough research and expert consultation, The school administration decided to renovate the classroom using SPC vinyl wall boards.


Combatting Moisture and Mold

SPC wall boards are engineered with materials that are highly resistant to moisture and water infiltration. Unlike traditional wall materials that may absorb moisture and promote mold growth, SPC waterproof walls have a non-porous surface that effectively prevents water from seeping in. This moisture-resistant property ensures that the panels remain intact and free from any water-related damage over time. When properly installed, these panels create a continuous surface without visible joints or gaps. This seamless design leaves no room for mold to find a foothold and grow. As a result, there is no risk of peeling or mold on the wall material, creating a safer environment for students.

wall panelling cladding for bathroom shower waterproof


The school’s decision to choose SPC wall planks has proven to be a commendable solution to the challenges posed by the humid climate.

Backed by interviews with Principal Smith, he remarked: “Moisture resistance takes precedence as our top concern when exploring school refurbishment options, closely followed by durability. It turns out SPC wall cladding has the remarkable ability to endure the test of time while maintaining its pristine condition.”

In the cases above, the transformative power of SPC wall panels sets an inspiring example for other educational institutions facing similar issues in humid areas, so stay tuned as we continue to update other cases.


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