Acoustic Slat Wall Panel & Interior Vinyl Wall Panel – Why Use Them Both

Last minute, we were paneling our space with wainscoting, next minute acoustic slat wall panels and decorative SPC vinyl wall panels are sweeping around the world. But, it is no surprise they have become a popular design choice for both residential and commercial applications.

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wood veneer acoustic slat wall panel spc vinyl

Have you ever walked into a space and felt instantly enchanted by the walls? That’s the impact of the best combination of our acoustic slat wall panels and decorative SPC wall panels. It is an effortlessly modern element that elevates any space from ordinary to extraordinary with improved acoustic properties.

Create a Serene Space with Acoustic Wall Panels

Many people used to achieve better acoustic performance by layering drywall. You have to admit it is an expensive and ineffective way to combat the problem. Now you can offer them a better solution: wood veneer acoustic slat wall panels!

acoustic slat wall panel

  1. Premium PET fiber absorbs and diffuses unwanted noise;
  2. Scientific structure with real wood veneer on top of the MDF board coupled with 27mm/13mm slat and groove not only creates a 3D wood look but also traps sound waves and reduces echoes and reverberation effectively.

Together every acoustic slat wall panel helps to build a peaceful environment with improved acoustic performance NRC=0.8. Noised gone, styles come!

wood veneer acoustic slat wall panels cladding

Bring Textures and Characters with Acoustic Wall Panels & SPC Wall Panels

A good design or space is actually all about breaking the limit of textures and materials. An eye-catching effect usually comes from collaboration, not isolation, and the same goes for business growth as well. Sometimes you don’t need to make a choice between two popular products, you need to find a way to use their strength together. Acoustic wall panels and SPC wall panels are exactly the ones you should combine together.

wood veneer acoustic wall panel

Beauty on Their Own

Acoustic Slat Wall Panels: real wood veneer ranging from oak to walnut, diverse natural color choices from light to dark tones, wood veneer acoustic slat wall panels always find their way to bring the warmth of wood into a contemporary space, making the rooms feel biophilic, clean, tranquil while retaining a sleek and modern look.

wood veneer acoustic slat wall panel

Diverse applications for TV wall decoration, bedrooms, living rooms, feature walls, and ceilings, or for commercial applications such as offices, restaurants, hotels, and hospitality.

acoustic slat wall panel ceiling

SPC Wall Panels: known for the design flexibility, interior tongue and groove vinyl SPC wall covering featuring marble, concrete, stone, tile and wood looks and extensive surface textures and shapes, has become an ideal option for any space that looks for style and strength. Because of its durability and waterproof performance. It can also be applied in wet areas such as bathrooms and showers.

Together with our SPC flooring tile, it can also create an integrated and seamless look without hassles.

Magnificent When Combining Together

Products are not what customers need, solutions are! Space doesn’t have to use only one paneling or texture. More often, slat wall panel designs are introduced to add another layer of texture. Then for elsewhere that requires another scheme, SPC wall tiles cladding would be the perfect incorporating material.

acoustic slat wall panel spc cladding

Pursuing a quality space is in everyone’s mind regardless of nationality and personality. But what does a “quality space” actually mean?  We believe it should help people live the life they want and let them find who they really are without compromising style and performance.

And this is precisely what we do! STEP GUARD acoustic wall panel and SPC wall panel, your effortless way to elevate every space.


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Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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