SPC Wall Panel RCB Technology Large Format and Tile Size

How to stand out from the market and keep offering innovative wall panel products to your customers? The era of composite SPC wall panels with RCB technology has come! One SPC vinyl wall panel for all showers, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens renovation, and your next projects!

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rigid core board spc wall panel

Choices are a good thing. The wall panels market is crowded with different kinds of products, not to mention the specific shower wall panel segment. Customers are happy because they have various designs to choose from. But sometimes they can feel overwhelmed as well, getting lost in the sea of options without knowing which one is suitable.

rigid core tongue and groove spc wall panel

Just as the saying goes,  ” It’s best only when it suits you”. If you are looking for the best that suits you, or you are searching for innovative products to pump up your business, or you are thinking about establishing a long and robust business relationship with a brand, let’s dig in and learn more!

SPC Shower Wall Panel Systems

First, I want to talk about the specific shower wall panel market. In our previous post, we elaborated on some significant points about different shower wall panels. Here we will only focus on the main information of our collection itself.

what is the structure of spc wall panel

Designed for 2-sided Shower and 3-sided Enclosures

No matter whether there is a wall paneling need for the practical 2-sided shower enclosure, or a stylish NEO design shower design, our SPC shower wall panel system is ready for you.

With 2 side wall panels and prepared end caps and an internal corner in one kit, you will only need a couple of hours to get the job done.

Don’t want to remove the old tile walls? No problem. It can even be applied over the existing tiles! What a perfect shower wall panel system for renovation.

spc shower bathroom wall panel tongue and groove waterproof

3-sided shower enclosures? We got you! 5 times faster than tilling, and 70% cost reduced. You will only need 2 side SPC wall panels, 3 back SPC wall panels, and 4 hours at most to get it done!

100% Waterproof, Durable, and Healthy

Waterproof must be the first thing that comes to your mind when choosing anything related to the shower. Featuring brand-exclusive RCB technology ( rigid core board), our SPC shower wall panels are 100% waterproof and mold-proof.

And because of this rigid core board, it has superior durability and is safe to use. Resin-free, formaldehyde-free, and VOC-free. Consistent quality and excellent performance go hand in hand to achieve a better result.

scratch resistance spc wall panel

Seamless without any evil grout joint, preventing any water or moisture from penetrating.

Wait, you want the tile effect? Don’t worry, stylish tile designs on the SPC wall panels will look as stunning as the beginning of the day you installed them.

spc wall panel

Large Format SPC Wall Panel

If you want to have a quick wall panel installation to transform the space, then you should definitely consider the large format SPC wall panels, XL to XXXL!

Recommended sizes with tongue and groove click system are 86.6″ H× 17.7″ W (2200mm H x 450mm W), 94.5″ H× 23.6″ W (2400mm H x 600mm W), 110.2″ H× 23.6″ W (2800mm H x 600mm W).

spc wall panel tongue and groove waterprood moldproof

Lightweight but resilient, easy to deliver than tiles. Simply cut to fit, stick and click, and you can finish the wall renovation within 1 day! With the rising labor cost and competition, you will undoubtedly need an innovative SPC wall panel product to pave your way through.

One SPC Wall Panel Changes All

When you have SPC wall panels in your hand, you will find everything become easier: easier to stand out from other competitors; more compliments received from your consumers; easier to get more renovation jobs, and so on.

When your customers want to have a whole new bathroom, you know you can get it done. Integrated design concept? You can make it come true! Don’t forget that SPC wall panels can be used anywhere else besides the shower!

marble spc wall panel

Wood Look, Marble Look or Solid Color

We don’t make choices, because we have them all! Ranging from cool tones to warm tones, terrazzo patterns to marble, and solid colors with exquisite details, glossy surface to matte finish, every SPC wall panel will help to create a space that is uniquely yours. Stay true, stay colorful!

wood look spc wall panel

Tile Size SPC Wall Panel

As we delve deeper into the market, we have gained a comprehensive understanding of the market as well as customer insights. We have found that some people prefer tile-size wall panel, but to each their own.

Tile handy size RCB wall panel is much easier to lift even by one person and can be used in kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms as well.

What a versatile collection! After knowing the details, I hope it can help you a little bit when choosing wall cladding products and brands to trust. STEP GUARD, yes, we got you covered from floors to walls!

terrazzo spc wall panel

Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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