What Kind Of Wall Paneling Can Be Used in a Bathroom?

People are tired of waiting for a tiler to transform their bathroom, and are reluctant to waste time cleaning and maintaining. Everything needs to be efficient. But we know functional doesn’t have to be boring. When you are surrounded by so many “me too” products, you know you need other products to help you out, and that is SPC shower wall panels and standard SPC wall panels!

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When you search the internet for something new about shower wall panels, you will come across questions like “What type of shower wall panels are best?” “What material are shower wall panels made of?” “What is the best shower wall panel thickness?” … Those questions provide me with many insights, but I also believe they are somewhat outdated. Why? Because if you have ever heard of SPC shower wall paneling or SPC wall panels, you will definitely have different answers to those questions.

What Materials to Consider When You Choose Shower Wall Panels?

I believe you must have seen some articles that give you the 10 most popular options for your bathroom. It seems to offer you a lot of options, but in my opinion, it is quite the opposite. I don’t want to overwhelm you, I only want to give you the practical information you would actually refer to while choosing the right shower wall panels.

luxury vinyl spc flooring and spc wall panel bathroom shower

1. Acrylic Bathroom Wall Panels

It is indeed easy to install and has no grout. Actually many modern wall panels have these features to some extent. And it seems like everyone is selling it! But you can deny the fact that it has really limited design options.

Despite the fact that all companies and brands try to launch something new, it is still difficult to modify an acrylic shower enclosure to look like what you want, and some people may not find it appealing at all. High gloss acrylic? Nah! Some might say it’s too plasticky. Beautiful matte finish? Still on the way.

When you are surrounded by so many “me too” products, you know you need other products to help you out!

rigid core tongue and groove spc wall panel

2.  PVC Bathroom Wall Panels

PVC wall panel is probably one of the most popular wall cladding options. Highly cost-effective with many design possibilities.

Despite its popularity, PVC bathroom wall panels are not without their disadvantages. One of the biggest problems is that it is not entirely scratch resistant and will sustain damage from knocks.

spc wall panel grout free tile effect

When it comes to the active bathroom, shower,  wet room areas, or other spaces in the room, PVC wall panels may not be a good option. But if you promise that you will be very careful and that no scratch, knock, or dent will occur, you can forget what I said.

3. Laminated Bathroom Shower Wall Panels

Another popular option for bathrooms is the laminated shower wall panels. There are many brands out there doing this kind of product with many advantages that both sellers, consumers, and DIYers would love.

Typically, the thickness of laminated shower wall panels would be around 10mm. And it comes in a variety of designs, including wood and marble effects, with or without curves.

spc wall panel waterproof mold proof

But there are some points worthy of consideration.

The first one is eco-friendliness. Some use the MDF board as the core board and laminated to have waterproofing and other performance. Some would use plywood as the core board. Regardless of either way, both of them need to glue the wood, wood fiber, and other materials together during production. And for water resistance performance, resin will be added, which will be harmful to human health as well as the environment.

eco friendly spc wall panel

The second one is the waterproof performance. Because of the features of the material, the waterproof or moisture-proof may still be an issue. There are good products, but you definitely need to make sure of it!

waterproof spc wall panel

So much for the above information, but it doesn’t seem to have an ideal wall paneling for the bathroom so far.  If you also feel the same way, then you should definitely keep reading.

spc wall panel vs tiles grout free tongue and groove click installation

Your Ideal Bathroom Shower Wall Paneling – SPC Shower Wall Panels

As we have introduced in some of our previous blogs like SPC Wall Panel – What is it and What are the Benefits, SPC wall panels are made of limestone which is natural and waterproof from the right beginning. It is easy to cut and fit, low maintenance and grout-free, basically with all the advantages you would love and have seen from the above wall panel materials, only better and more!

Resilient and robust, say no to any scratch and scuff, dent and knocks. Besides the bathroom and shower, it is suitable to be used in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and other interior commercial projects as well.

scratch resistance durable spc wall panel

Real wood look and marble effect. The printing technology has developed to another level in the SPC industry, and also with our brand exclusive coating technology, the design patterns have been totally different from the traditional.  All you can expect are authentic aesthetics that even the experts can’t tell the difference, stunning glossy and matte design varieties, hassle-free and grout-free “no tile” tile ideas!

wood marble tile ceramic look spc wall panel

And many people would love to have the same effect on both their flooring and wall panels. You can achieve that integrated effect with our SPC flooring and SPC wall panel.

spc flooring and wall panel integrated design same pattern

Do you still remember the questions we mentioned at the very beginning? I think now you can give everyone a better answer: What type of shower wall panels are best? You should definitely consider SPC shower wall panels!

Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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