Go Eco Green, Go SPC Wall Panel

We believe that creating a green and eco-friendly wall panel is the only we go.

Every square meter STEP GUARD wall panel you choose to use help us leave a positive impact on our planet future.

When you choose our SPC wall panel, you are on the path to a more sustainable space.

spc bathroom wall panels

Your Modern Grout-free Alternative to Tiles

Tired of tiling and want to find something new, and your customers are sick of waiting for tilers?

👉 Choose tile effect SPC wall panel!

Want the same tile effects, but don’t want to waste time cleaning the grout?

Your “No Tile” Tile Wall Ideas are Ready!

waterproof moldproof spc shower bathroom wall panel
spc wall panel scratch dent resistant durable

The Right Accessories is Half the Job

Designed for a hassle-free life, our SPC wall panels are equipped with different wall panel trims to create a seamless overall look and deliver a unique effect.

Internal corner profile gives a smooth curve to the joint.

External corner profile is used to hide the position where two wall panels meet and create a neat look.

End cap is made to start or finish a straight run.

H-joint trim is designed for vertical joining of the panels or used as a decorative trim.

Your Modern SPC Shower Wall Panel System

Did you know that we spend around 900 days of your life in the bathrooms? Surly everyone wants to have a stunning bathroom makeover! Tired of tiling? It is time to choose SPC shower wall panel kit!

No matter whether there is a 2 sided or 3 sided shower enclosure, walk-in bath and stylish NEO angle corner shower, our waterproof shower wall panel systems have got you covered from head to toe, and paired perfectly with your sanitary faucets.

“One Kit, One Solution, for All Demands”

shower wall panel kit system grout free
You Only Need 2-5 Shower SPC Wall Panels
spc shower bathroom wall panel waterproof
SPC Bathroom Shower SPC Wall Panel System

Tongue and Groove SPC Wall Panel

Designed to make installation easy and efficient, and life carefree, our SPC wall panel system is equipped with brand exclusive FastClick system to let you install the SPC wall panels in the morning, and finish by the afternoon.

5 times quicker and 70% cost reduced than tiles, this SPC wall panel system can save you on time and overall cost especially on large-scale, time-critical projects.

“Click, Stick, Go”

stick spc wall panel installation
click tongue and groove spc wall panel bathroom shower

We’ve Got You Covered

We are here to help you succeed when competing with other bathroom shower wall panel retailers, wholesalers, or contractors.

Sample box: exquisite packaging to show customers your expertise.

Color swatch: a tactile and eye-catching way to show the colors and surface of wall panels.

Folder: a portable and beautiful way with more details to show each SPC wall panel design.

Display board and stand: beautiful displays for your showrooms.

Others: collection catalogs and technical support are available whenever you need.

👉 Global brand dealers are welcome!

Display Board
spc wall panel folder dealer marketing material