Easiest Way to Renovate Your Shower with SPC Vinyl Wall Panel System

A shower remodel is always an exciting and can’t-missed opportunity for a homeowner to transform the total look and vibe of their bathroom and make a WOW statement. Shower try or tub, different types of sanitary and shower wall choices like vinyl SPC wall panels for shower, laminated wall panel, acrylic shower kit, etc are blowing your mind. But there is one thing you all want, a stylish bathroom with less time and money invest. Hard task? Of course not, we make it happen!

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spc wall panel shower waterproof grout free tongue and groove for bathroom wet rooms

Remodeling the shower is like a bittersweet project, and you may spend every penny on a design mistake that you have to put up with for years. According to the investigation, the typical range for shower remodel costs is $200 to $15,000, with a national average of $8,000. You don’t want to wait forever, you don’t the painful mistakes, all you want is the easiest way to renovate your shower!

tongue and groove vinyl spc wall panel for shower bathroom waterproof

And for business owners, you also want the same thing: less time to install, more projects you can finish; fewer product complaints, and more customers’ satisfaction. If this describes you, you should definitely keep on reading.

Shower walls are often a focal point in the bathroom. When choosing a material for your shower walls and floors, think about functionality, cost and style.

Using Products that are Easy and Fast to Install

Do you know one of the main cost factors for shower remodeling is the shower size and type? For the standard 48” x 36”, 60” x 32” or 60” x 36” alcove shower, you can easily find the complete waterproof SPC shower wall panels in one kit to renovate the entire space.

And no one wants to renovate their shower and bathroom for months, and you should definitely consider offering your customers a hassle-free solution.

spc vinyl wall panel system tongue and groove wet room

No matter if you are into the stylish NEO tray, or walk-in-bath, frameless showers, SPC shower wall panel kits for bathrooms would be the smart way to go – labor-saving and cost-effective.  There is a tendency to underestimate the budget for any renovation project. Labor for installation and construction always ends up being a lot higher. Sometimes it can make up as much as 50% of the total. Because you need to tear out the old shower, replace the wallboard and shower tray, tiling, grouting, sealing, etc.

vinyl spc wall panel cladding for shower installation

Now you’ve got the chance to change the situation! Products like SPC shower wall panels can offer you the stunning tile effect without the messy grout lines and mould, natural wood look that is durable, and pure colors that are chic enough to make a statement. They are 5 times quicker to install than tiles, and 70% cost reduced during the whole process.

vinyl spc wall panels for shower bathroom that look like tile

All you need to ensure is that you have an even, plumb and waterproof back wall in your shower, and the magic can be done within 1 day! It is even easy on the old tiles!

Using Vinyl SPC Wall Panel for Shower Instead of Tiles

If you have already had your heart set on tiling, and don’t mind the time wasted on waiting and maintaining, then ignore what I am going to say. Otherwise, vinyl SPC wall panel for bathrooms would be your modern alternative.

shower wall panel waterproof uk tongue and groove

You need to wait for a long time for the tiler to come, and pay a bunch of money. Afterward, regular cleaning of tiles with bathroom – surface cleaners and periodic inspection of grout would be your routine. Bathroom should be your soothing space, but there will be no room for relaxation if your space is cluttered.

But this situation can be changed, and it doesn’t need to be the reality. You have the choice, which is grout free vinyl SPC wall panels for shower. Save time for your customers means getting growth for your business.

waterproof vinyl shower spc wall panels uk for bathroom

Bathroom renovation is an investment in self-care. Say goodbye to everything from old-fashioned fixtures, plumbing and tiles, and see how you can help your customers to revamp their space in just stick, click and go!

Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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