How to Install SPC Shower Bathroom Wall Panels

Do you know a bathroom renovation can provide 71% return on investment? And do you know there is an innovative wall panel system that can help you increase the margin with a time saving and cost saving installation and hassle-free maintenance? The answer is the SPC shower wall panel system! Wondering how? Check out the installation process.

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spc shower bathroom wall panel cladding installation

Homeowners have been investing more in home renovation. Bathroom, especially the bathroom wall is one of the hottest interior remodeling projects, but it is also one of the hardest places to remodel. What’s more, the increasing costs for both labor and material also make people think twice. But now you can have an easier choice, which is SPC shower wall panels. Don’t believe it? Just have a look at how to install SPC shower wall panels in the bathroom and transform the space within half a day.

spc wall panel composite vinyl tongue and groove interlocking

How to Measure the Shower Area for Shower SPC Wall Panels?

Many people want to panel the shower wall but don’t know how many wall panels they need to buy. Let me help you out.

For normal practice, you will start by measuring the height and width of the walls. Generally speaking, the only thing you need to worry about is the width. You need to divide the width of the wall by the width of the wall panels. Round up the resulting figure, and you will get how many SPC wall panels you require.

spc wall panel residential commercial office hotel projects

Actually, it is pretty straightforward. And it works in the whole bathroom area, and other residential areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and commercial applications like offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitalities, etc.

But you definitely deserve a better solution, the shower SPC wall panel kit.

spc vinyl wall panel system tongue and groove wet room

No more calculating, just measure the length and width of the side walls, and back wall, then choose from our SPC shower wall panel systems. For the standard 48” x 36”, 60” x 32” or 60” x 36” alcove shower, you can easily find the complete waterproof SPC shower wall panels in one kit to renovate the entire space.

spc wall panel shower bathroom tongue and groove waterproof

And if the shower area is a 3-side alcove, then you should choose 3-sided SPC shower wall panel kits; and if it is a 2-sided shower corner enclosure, then you will go with the 2-sided SPC shower wall panel kits. No matter it is a walk-in-bath, or with bathtub or shower tray, there is always one for you.

shower spc wall panel bathroom tongue and groove

Shower Tray or Tub Before SPC Wall Panels?

Then people would have this question: “shower SPC wall panels, before or after shower tray or tub?” It is recommended to install the shower tray or tub first. Next, you can fit the SPC shower wall panels and seal the gaps using the waterproof silicone adhesive.

shower spc wall panel bathroom seal gap silicone

Here is also one part people would usually neglect: you need to line up the top of the SPC wall panels, which means you need to level your base floor for a better effect.

How to Cut SPC Shower Wall Panels?

Simple tools like jigsaw, and circular saw for the straight cut. You can even use a utility knife to make the cut.

Hole saw will be used to cut the SPC wall panels for your pipes, etc.

spc wall panel cut fit hole saw

Where to Start When Installing Shower SPC Wall Panels?

For 2-sided shower enclosures, it is recommended to start from the internal corner, and then side wall panels;

For 3-sided shower enclosures, it is recommended to start from the left-side internal corner, then the left-side wall panel, back wall panels, and then the right-side wall panel.

spc shower wall panel bathroom installation order

How to Panel a Wall

Base Wall Preparation

The back wall in the bathroom should be waterproof, clean, dry, level and plumb. Otherwise, necessary measures should be taken the meet the requirement. To make a bowed or bent back wall plumb and even is to plane out or shim the faces of studs that are recessed behind the plane of the other studs.

There are several types of back walls our shower SPC wall panels can be installed on:

  1. OSB strip, OSB board;
  2. Plaster, sheetrock, greenboard;
  3. Steel stud;
  4. Concrete wall;
  5. Old tiles

For other places that don’t need to be waterproof and moisture proof, you can also use MDF board.

spc wall panel base wall plaster dry wall greenboard tile OSB trip board cement

Adhesive Solution

There are two types of adhesive you need to finish the installation, the first one is construction-grade structural adhesive, and the other one is double-side construction EVA/PE foam tape for instant bonding.

spc wall panel cladding installation adhesive

Click Solution

Because our SPC wall panel us equipped with tongue and groove interlocking system, you will just need to insert the tongue edge of the wall panel into the groove of the fixed SPC wall panel.

Always ensuring the tongue is fully inserted into the groove before snapping it back to the wall. And the job is done!

spc wall panel installation tongue and groove click

Trim Fit Solution

For our SPC shower wall panel system, the installation profile accessories are included in the all-in-one kit.

Basically, you will need the internal corner profile and the end cap to finish the installation.

spc wall panel accessory installation internal external corner profile end cap h joint trim

Apply the adhesive on the back of the profile and screw to fit.

spc wall panel installation accessory

How to Fit Bathroom SPC Wall Cladding over Tiles?

Our waterproof bathroom SPC wall panels can be applied on tiles using construction-grade structural adhesive, double-side construction EVA/PE foam tape and expansion screws to fit when the base wall is sturdy.

  • All plastic tiles must be removed;
  • Properly remove and or reattach any loose tiles;
  • It is recommended to rub or sand the tiles with a high gloss finish for a better grip.

spc wall panel tongue and groove installation on tiles

Basically, that’s all for installing our shower SPC wall panel system. If you have any other questions, you can contact us directly for professional installation instructions, videos and online training! Also, more designs are waiting for you to explore.


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Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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