SPC Wall Panels Provide Renovation of Social Housing with Efficiency & Quality

With the increasing demands for faster construction and more social housing, a high-in-quality, low-in-maintenance, fast-in-installation STEP GUARD SPC wall panels provide perfect solutions to every social housing project.

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social housing apartment renovation spc wall panel

With more and more people on the earth, how to provide them with a ” roof over their head” efficiently has become one of the significant considerations.  We need to build more affordable, good quality homes at large scale, and fast speed, and meet the local demands. And this will not only be an issue for the UK, and the USA, it will become a global issue that every country will meet.

And how to let everyone live a happier and healthier life is not an empty talk, it is manifested in everything we do. And we hope through our SPC wall panel and flooring products, we can improve the speed of construction and provide everyone with a home they can truly live.

What Challenges We are Facing?

  • The need for speed: the faster speed for construction as well as renovation so that we can have more people settled. We need to build more social housing and make them ready to be used at a rapid speed. And when it comes to renovation, the priority is to minimize any disruption to tenants.
  • The need for affordable: social housing needs to provide people with truly affordable and secure homes for life, so that people in different stages of life can find a place for themselves.
  • The need for a long-term solution: it is not a project that has 6-12 months tenancy agreements, it is a stable home that people will stay for the long-term. The products we use need to be cost-effective without compromising performance and durability.

Then what do we want for our social housing, especially for the products used in the home?

spc wall panel tile

What do We Need for Social Housing?

  • First, easier and faster installation: ground and wall are basically the largest areas in a space. And choosing the right material for these two areas is essential because it will fundamentally affect the overall speed.
  • Second, long-lasting performance: home is home, there is no difference in whether this is social housing or private housing. A successful social housing promotes health and well-being and gives people the opportunity to relax, cool, sleep and inspire in comfort. It needs to function well and also add to the overall quality of the area.
  • Then, on-trend and diverse designs: a good look is more important to tenants. It is important to consider aesthetics when renovating the bathrooms, bedrooms, or living rooms, etc.

decorative spc vinyl wall panel cladding

Have you come up with the materials that are suitable to be used in social housing after knowing all the challenges and demands? Perhaps tiles is the traditional go-to product for many years, but actually they are by no means the perfect solution. Fortunately, a cutting edge of social housing design is here, STEP GUARD decorative SPC vinyl wall panels!

SPC Wall Panel Benefits for Social Housing Sector

Rapid Installation SPC Wall Panel, Less Occupancy Downtime

Featuring tongue and groove interlocking way of installation, our waterproof SPC wall tile offers 5 times easier and faster installation than tiles. Easy to be installed on old tiles, and various types of base walls such as concrete wall, OSB strips, OSB or MDF board, wood studs, steel studs, plaster and sheetrock, etc.

No special tools needed, just use the utility knife or jigsaw, you can cut to the size needed. Even around corners like windows, door frames, and other surfaces you would love to cover, you can easily use our marble look or wood look SPC wall panels to make a seamless look.

spc vinyl wall panel fast easy installation

  • Mould-proof SPC Shower Wall Panel System

Especially for the shower area, normally you need to wait for a couple of days for the tiles and tilers to come, and at least a week waiting for the base wall preparation and tilling to finish.

Now, things have changed. You will only need up to 5 waterproof tongue and groove SPC wall panels to finish the entire shower area, all ready in one pack with £30 ($50) per m² saving compared to tiles, and up to 2 hours to finish the entire refurbishment.

Easy Maintenance Decorative Vinyl SPC Wall Tile

When the room is being prepared for incoming tenants, bathrooms and other areas need to be refreshed. And this is the time a low-maintenance SPC wall tile is in great need. It will save both money and time, which is an efficient and cost-effective solution.

STEP GUARD SPC rigid core composite wall board requires nothing but a simple wipe with water so that you can maintain long-term beauty in premium condition.

  • Kitchen Backsplash SPC Wall Panel

Even if this is for the kitchen backsplash area, you don’t need to worry about it. Grout-free, heat resistance, and stain resistance SPC wall panel backsplash is also an ideal solution to the greasy oil. The hygienic surface is mould-proof, just wipe it clean, and it will be as fresh as day 1.

On-trend Design Marble or Wood SPC Wall Cladding

Speed construction and social housing are not excuses for the limited availability of designs. With STEP GUARD, you will have a wide range of designs such as marble, stone, slate, concrete, wood, metallic, and pure color, paired perfectly with matte, glossy and slate textures.

Different shapes such as stylish hexagons for kitchens or bathrooms, tile or subway style for showers and living rooms, shape your life in bold designs no matter where you live in. Worry about the budget? Don’t forget, you can create a luxurious space for a fraction of the cost with the help of our SPC wall panels.

One bonus, you can create a holistic look with our SPC flooring as well. Perfectly matched design from floors to walls with the same easy installation method. It is even easy to remove and change when there is time to renovate.

At its core, social housing is not just for short-term usage but over the lifetime of development. For different parties like the councils, developers, contractors, and tenants, we all want something that costs less, but last long, and in high quality and aesthetic style where people can feel belonged.

Why tile, when you can panel with STEP GUARD SPC wall coverings?


STEP GUARD : I’m here for you, from floors to walls!

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Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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