Bathroom Shower Wall Panel vs Tiles – Which One Should You Choose

Are wall panels out of date? If you are sensitive to market trends, you will notice that there are millions of views on TikTok about wall paneling, wall panels, and bathroom shower wall panel, even the #DIYs page and #home decor page have tons of content about it. Wall panel, especially wet room SPC wall panel is not just a flash in the pan, but also will take the lead and shape the industry for years. Reasons? Let’s figure it out!

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luxury vinyl spc flooring and spc wall panel bathroom shower

Whenever there is the need to transform bathrooms, there will be a debate about bathroom shower SPC wall panels and tiles, which one to choose. Actually, more and more people are thinking about wall panels, but still need some encouragement; some indeed lack the confidence to convince others. To help make a better choice, let’s begin with knowing what shower SPC wall panels are.

What is a Bathroom Shower Surround SPC Wall Panel?

Shower SPC wall panels are an excellent modern wall solution for bathrooms. It has many names, bathroom SPC wall cladding, bathroom SPC wall panels, bathroom wall vinyl panels or shower SPC panels. Just don’t get confused. To put it simply,  they are large format waterproof and grout-free panels designed to be used and fit in the shower and bathrooms.

what is the structure of spc wall panel

If you think you’ve already known the drill, you will be much more surprised when you have a shower SPC wall panel system.

Paired with the bathroom shower sanitary, bathtub and tray, our shower SPC wall panel system provides you with a complete wall renovation solution with all the wall panels and accessories you need in one kit. You can transform the entire shower area with up to 5 panels.

spc wall panel waterproof bathroom shower
Waterproof Shower SPC Wall Panel Tiles

Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of shower wall panels vs tiles.

Grout-free Shower Wall Panel Solution

No grout. Yes, you hear me. NO GROUT! People love the amazing look of tiles yet are tired of the hassle of maintenance of grouts and mold. But I have to admit, there are people enjoying cleaning, then the tiles are ready for you.

bathroom wall panel seamless no grout

If not, then you should definitely choose the SPC wall panel! No more grout to maintain, but with the same stunning design as tiles!

grout free spc wall panel kitchen bathroom shower

Waterproof is Not a Myth

I know what I am saying. It may be a big obstacle to overcome when you choose wall panels of other materials, but it is absolutely not a problem for the SPC wall panel. 100% waterproof and seamless bathroom wall is what we can promise.

Quicker and Easier Installation

One of the most significant benefits of SPC wall panels from our FastPanel collection is that it offers 5 times quicker and 70% cost-reduced installation experience.

tongue and groove click stick wall panel

Featuring brand exclusive FastClick system and way of installation, you can easily keep the labor cost down and budget under control.

What’s more, you can create outstanding results yourselves without getting messy and dusty. Why? Because you don’t need tons of cement. All you need are essential tools to get an easy cut and fit. No hassle, just a cleaner shower renovation site without much to do after installation.

drywall spc wall panel can be applied over tiles
Suitable to be applied on tiles for renovation

Low Maintenance Rigid Wall Panel

Sometimes all you want to do when you are back home is laying back and relax. You surely don’t want to spend time cleaning your shower every morning and every weekend. Things would be totally different when you are with SPC shower wall panel. Enhanced stain resistance surface coating gives no chance for stains to stay, even soap scum and water stains.

stain resistance wall panel tongue and groove

How to clean SPC wall Panel?

  1. Use a soft damp cloth
  2. Use non-abrasive cleaner
  3. Gently wipe it clean

easy to fit and cut spc wall panel

Cost Effective SPC Wall Panel

  1. the product itself is much more affordable than tiles, which makes it a great choice for the majority of people. If you are considering the best balance of performance and cost instead of the cheapest, SPC wall panel stands out compared to Acrylic panels, fiberglass, PVC panels, and laminate wall panels.
  2. delivery cost is less. Lighter but sturdy, and only 1/5 the shipping cost of traditional tiles. A kind of wall panel that customers feel comfortable to purchase, and sellers love to sell due to a higher profit margin.

light weight wall panel

Although I have to admit that I am obsessed with the bathroom SPC wall panel system, tile still gets its place compared to other products.

In terms of the Grout Effect, Tiles Win Over Acrylic Wall Panel

People will easily get satisfied when they see something different, that’s because they haven’t found a better one and get fooled by what they’ve already had. If you are about to choose Acrylic wall panels because of their amazing looks? I suggest you’d better choose tiles. Trust me, you will regret it when you get the plasticky thing installed in your fancy bathroom.

wall panel covering for residential and commercial restaurants, offices, operates, hotels

And I really wish someone could tell you to look at the SPC wall panel as well! Featuring stunning and versatile designs, shower SPC wall panels give you endless design options with wood looks, marble designs, and tile effects, with or without grout lines for your preference.

grout free bathroom wall cladding panel

In terms of Easy to Carry, Tiles Win Over Marble and Cultured Stone

The bathroom and shower area is a space that is neither too large nor too small. You still need to bring up the wall materials. But once the materials are too heavy, like cultured stone, it causes big trouble. No wonder, it is easy to bring up boxes of tiles compared with stones.

spc wall panel for residential commercial kitchen bathroom shower

But when you choose SPC wall panel, it would be much easier! Not like PVC wall panels which are thin and can be flimsy and prone to damage, SPC wall cladding is resilient, sturdy, and stable due to brand-exclusive formula and technique.

In terms of around a curved wall, Tiles Wins

Although there are almost no curved walls in the shower, if it does, tiles are easier to adapt to the shape.

SPC wall panels from FastPanel collection can also do the magic to some extent.

shower bathroom waterproof spc vinyl click flooring and wall panel

If you still have other questions, please check out our SPC wall panel FAQs, and hope you can find something useful. Whatever your choice is, you deserve a fair comparison and thorough details between different wall panel products. And don’t forget to contact us if you have anything else want to know.

Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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