Reasons Why You Should Become an SPC Wall Panel Dealer

What kinds of wall panels to choose matters not only to consumers but also to business owners. With the rising trends of integrated design and SPC wall panels, there is something you should know before making big decisions that could influence your business growth.

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spc wall panel wood look ceramic marble terrazzo effect STEP GUARD FastPanel collection

Wall paneling has been around for centuries, and wall panel materials have constantly been evolving. Wood wall panels, MDF panels, and upholstered panels, to nowadays PVC wall panels, laminate wall panels and SPC wall panels. Choosing the right wall panel line or a bath and shower wall panel product for your business is difficult, especially with too many choices. Questions are popping up in your mind:

  • Will SPC wall panel help me stand out from the market and differentiate myself from those “me-too” products?
  • Is it easy and quick to install and deliver?
  • How long is the warranty?
  • What makes it different from the wall panel lines we already have?
  • Will this SPC shower wall panel system help me maintain a higher profit margin?
  • How should I market the products, is there any support?

I believe there should be many other questions you also want to ask. I hope this article can help clear your mind and offer an answer to a question that’s been bothering you.

eco friendly healthy spc wall panel system

Why Should You Add SPC Wall Panel to Your Business?

Competing with other wall panel materials on the market, there must be something cool about SPC wall panels.

  • Waterproof, Mold Proof and Hassle Free

Many people would ask, ” Is SPC wall panel new?” The answer is yes and no.

Yes is because it is pretty novel in the wall panel industry.

No is because if you are also in the flooring industry, you must have heard of SPC flooring. Known for its 100% waterproof, durability, scratch resistance and stain resistance, SPC flooring has been leading the market for years all around the world and seems unstoppable. And the SPC flooring I talk about here is the one with premium quality and performance instead of those shoddy products that destroy the market.

spc tongue and groove wall panel structure

So basically speaking, the major technique of making SPC wall panel is the same as SPC flooring, but when we take it into our FastPanel collection, our engineers have developed our own formula and technology which will make our SPC wall panel unique in the stability, stain resistance and visual patterns.

stain resistance wall panel tile for bedroom living room

  • Upscale Visual Effects

Tiles are beautiful but it is pricey, messy and the installation takes forever and a day. The acrylic wall looks cheap, plasticky, and outdated. Laminate sometimes has health issues. You need something that combines style, strength, and efficiency. And that’s exactly what the SPC wall panel is designed for.

Wood, marble effects, cement and fabric looks, with or without grout design, this is your modern alternative to tiles, and this is your new ” no tile” tile wall idea. Come and get the look and feel of tile yet without the grout line to maintain.

spc wall panel tile grout free

  • Easier and Faster installation – Less Labor Cost

We know it is not easy to complete a project on time and under budget. But it can be done with our SPC wall panel, especially for those large-scale and time-critical projects.

It is flexible enough to be installed over most existing surfaces such as drywall, MDF board, OSB board, wood battens and strips, cement walls, and even over tiles for home renovation.

tongue and groove interlocking wall panel easy installation

Tongue and groove installation system makes it easy to start in the morning and finish by the afternoon. Easy to cut and fit, our standard SPC wall panel line and shower wall panel system have got you covered from head to toe and paired perfectly with your sanitary faucets. Just measure, cut, click and stick, the job is done!

  • Lighter and Quicker to Deliver – Customer-friendly

Facing a situation where the soaring shipping cost will affect our profit margins negatively, heavy goods and light goods are not good choices in terms of both international freight and domestic delivery. Not to mention, it is too much trouble when your customers pick up themselves. You would wish you had a better solution!

light weight wall panel

SPC wall panel is lightweight and resilient with 4.5mm thickness and extra wear and tear. It will only cost you 1/5 the shipping fee of tiles and will save you 70% of installation and labor costs.

And for bathroom and shower renovation, we have developed a shower wall panel system with the essentials you need in one kit. Nothing makes me happier than seeing customers choose a hassle-free and well-packed kit to finish their bathroom renovation.

bathroom shower wall panel system

Why Should You Choose to Become a STEP GUARD Wall Panel Dealer?

Maybe you are struggling to differentiate yourself from those low-priced competitors, or thinking about finding new business opportunities, it would be an easy task to tackle when you choose a reliable brand to work with.

  • Upgrading Shower Wall Panel System

We believe functional doesn’t have to be boring! With ever-trending designs, there is always something new about the patterns and colors, for residential and commercial applications, from bathroom shower renovation to bedroom and living room designs.

shower spc wall panel

  • Physical Marketing Tools that Boost Your Sales

As the saying goes “A handy tool makes a handy man.” you need visually appealing and multi-functional tools to succeed. Our whole dealer support system is designed to let every one of our dealers have a beautiful and persuasive product presentation. Brand-designed wall panel catalog, color swatch, folder, display board and stand for your showrooms, trade shows and face-to-face appointments are all available to make sell more effectively and profitably.

You can also check out our dealer support to know more benefits you can have.

wall panel flooring marketing merchandising material

  • Digital Marketing Materials that Get Impression Every Minute

Everyone is trying to get more attention from their customers and potential consumers. Here you would definitely need stunning videos, images, interesting and insightful content. Ranging from daily short video and image posts, to professional product introductions, more-in-depth installation and maintenance guidelines, and visualizer, everything can be digital. And as long as you can name it, we have it!

We also have online marketing activities which will drive the traffic directly to you.

  • Ready-to-ship SPC Wall Panel in Stock

We know it is a pity to lose a project or an order because of the slow lead times. With ready-to-ship tongue and groove wall panels in stock, you will never have to face the situation again. With shorter production time and quicker lead time, all you need to do is pick up the design you want and have a warehouse of your own.


If you are hitting a plateau and trying to find a solution to your current renovation contractor business;

Or you are in the field of tiles, and want to find a new opportunity to change the status quo;

Or you are new to this business;

Or you have already been in the wall panel business, and want to upgrade your lines…

In either case, you can’t miss out on this innovative SPC wall panel system that could help to make a breakthrough.

And don’t forget, we’ve got you covered from floors to your walls!

Ready to become a STEP GUARD Dealer? Contact us right now!

Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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