Embrace every element in your life

Let the magic in WATER flow into every moment of joy without worries; breathe the AIR of clean, safe and freedom; only happy SOUND echoed in the space instead of the noise and stress; give green to the EARTH, only the best virgin and sustainable material will be used.

Hello SUNSHINE, Hello beauty!

The Right Flooring for You and Your Furry Friends

Scratch resistance is an absolute necessity for anyone with kids, pets, foot traffic and just life.

STEP GUARD SPC flooring with outstanding scratch resistance, scratches, dents and scuffs will be a stranger in your life.

10 times stronger than the products on the market and 100% pleasure guaranteed.

“Life without Unattractive Scratches Would be Perfect!”

Ideal for Active Families
Less Claw-related Damage

The Perfect Canvas for You to Unleash the Creativity

Unlike those flooring with protection that would wear off over time, our exclusive stain and soil resistance technology protects your flooring with long-term built-in stain protection.

The perfect way to add an optimal shield of protection to spaces like playrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and workshops where nasty stains and marks are inevitable.

“Extraordinarily Clean, We are Ready Whenever Life Happens.”

No More Crying Over Spilled Wine
As Clean as the Day it Went in

Reliable Flooring, Walk with Confidence

Featuring inherent R10 slip resistance performance, our verified SPC flooring can help reduce slipperiness and increase traction.

Improving the safety of the space by choosing a secure footing to prevent falls and slipping for your families, the elder, children, employees, customers, and visitors in both residential and commercial areas such as healthcare, education, hospitality, etc.

“Grip More, Slip Less, Your Safety is Our Priority.”

Make Wet Areas Safer
Enhanced Traction Combined with Style

Everyone Wants a Cleaner and Healthier Floor

Increased time spent at home makes people more aware of  getting their homes thoroughly cleaned and hygienic.

Featuring an exclusive antimicrobial coating, our inherently cleaner SPC flooring effectively inhibits the growth of unwanted bacteria, mold, fungi, and other microbes. Designed for intimacy, and handled with care, this is your optimal solution to build a safer and healthier space.

“Floors that People Could Really Live on!”

Let them Explore
Reduce Allergic Reactions

A Floor for Every Need, Every Place, and Every Member

From pet claws and muddy shoes to heavy furniture and a lot of foot traffic, flooring takes a lot of abuse and that’s why we need to build a solid foundation for everyone and satisfy every need. Because your life is diverse, so do we!

May our flooring be your inner strength, and your outer foundation, a place to be yourself and a way to tackle whatever life throws at it.

“The Best World of Durability and Style.”

Easy to Love
Hard to Damage