Slat Wall Paneling – What Are The Differences Between Acoustic Slat Wall Panels And Other Slat Wall Panels?

The differences between acoustic slat wall panels and other slat wall panels are confusing, here’s a little introduction of all kinds of the slatted wall panels, it will help you to choose the most suitable wall panel and build your real dream room.

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Different Material Of Acoustic Slat Wall Panel And Other Kinds Of Slat Wall Paneling

There are many kinds of slat wall panels, first of all, we need to know the different material between acoustic slat wall panels and WPC/PS slat Wall Panel:

1. Acoustic Slat Wall Panels


The original acoustic wood slat wall panel includes two pattern: PET felt of 60mm width with wood slat on it, but the wood slats are replaced gradually by the MDF(medium density fibreboard).

2. WPC Slat Wall Panel


WPC slat wall panels are one-piece molding, they are made of 60% wood fibers, 35% HDPE(High-density polyethylene) and 5% additives. This kind of slat wall panels are more simple in structure, but as they are heavier in material, they are usually hollow. WPC slat wall panels look like acoustic slat wall panels, but the material is much expensive than acoustic slat wall panels.

3. PS Slat Wall Panel


PS slat wall panels are also one-piece molding, they are made of expanded polystyrene. This kind of material is lighter than acoustic slat wall panels and less expensive, but it is easy to deform in hot temperature.

Different Ways To Install Acoustic Slat Wall Panel And Other Kinds Of Slat Wall Paneling

The mainstream ways to install the wall panels are as below:

 1. Glue Straight Onto The Wall


2. Screw The Wall Panel On The Wall


3. Glue And Screw In The Same Time


For acoustic slat wall panels, you can choose any way that is convenient for you, but for the others, it is not recommend to screw them onto the wall. The marks left by the nails are evident on WPC and PS, so you can just clue them onto the wall, which can’t guarantee stability.

DIY Friendly Acoustic Slat Wall Panel

1. Slat Wall Paneling For Different Shape Of The Wall


If you want a unique slat wall, then it’s time to decorate your slat wall. Acoustic slat wall panels are flexible, they could be applied to a curved wall, while WPC slat wall panel and PS wall panel can’t be applied to this kind of wall. In additional, acoustic slat wall panels are easier than WPC and PS slat wall panels to cut, it’s easier for you to use acoustic slat wall panels in any corner of your room.

2. Accessories For Slat Wall Panel

led light for acoustic slat wall panel

You can choose different kind of wall decors to decorate your slat wall. For the acoustic slat wall panel, you are free to choose any accessories and drill hole on the PET felt without worries of leaving mark on it. As for the WPC slat wall panel and PS slat wall panel, it’s not recommend to drill hole on them, cause the hole will stay on the board, which is unsightly.

Choose Right Slat Wall Panel

As you have already known the differences between the popular slat wall panel, it’s time to choose the most suitable slat wall panel. STEP GUAR hopes you can build your real dreamed room.


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Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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