DIY Wood Slat Wall Panels Maintain – How To Choose Finish

DIY friendly wood slat wall panels could be confusing when it comes to choose the right wood finish. Here’s a little introduction of different wood finishes, and you’ll find it’s really easy to maintain your wood slat wall panels.

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wood slat wall panels finish

Two Main Groups Of Wood Slat Wall Panels Finish: Chemical & Natural

Traditional Chemical finish: This kind of finish usually contain chemical components like PU paint (polyester paint) or NC paint (nitro paint).

Natural wood finish: This kind of finish usually made from oils such as dry hardened oil, vegetable oil, and wax such as vegetable wax, artificial wax, or their combinations. And this kind of finish is suitable for DIY wood slat wall panel, they could also be used for home furniture maintenance, and solid wood finishes, because it’s easy to use, low needs of maintenance, and nature friendly.

Multiple Kinds Of Natural Wood Slat Wall Finish

When we talk about natural wood finish, we’re talking about various products, each with its own compositions and characteristics. Here’s a simple summary of different natural wood finishes:

1.Wood Wax Oil/Hard Wax Oil: These products are a mixture of vegetable oils and hardened oils with wax. They offer the benefits of both oil and wax, penetrating the wood to protect it from within while forming a protective surface layer, some brands of wood wax oil are well-known for their ease of application, excellent texture, and environmental safety.

wood slat wall panels finish wax

2.Wood Oil Finish: Some finishes are mixture without wax components, these oils are dry hardening, solidifying upon exposure to air to form a protective layer without leaving a greasy residue, some DIY fans choose this kind of finish because of its’ easy application, superior permeability, and compliance with food safety standards.

wood slat wall panels normal oil finish

3.Beeswax Wood Oil Finish: Homemade beeswax wood slat wall panel finishes are often crafted by mixing beeswax with oils like linseed or palm oil. While cost-effective, these products may not fully penetrate the wood due to the untreated nature of the oils, resulting in a smooth yet oily surface.

Choosing The Right Wood Slat Wall Panel Finish

Selecting the suitable wood finish depends on various factors such as application method, desired glossiness, wood species, and color preferences. Wood wax oil emerges as a good option for DIY wood slat wall panels and furniture maintenance, offering an array of product choices to suit diverse needs. Ultimately, choosing a wood finish may involve many experimentations to achieve the desired effects. If you have no idea what kind of wood slat wall panels finish you should choose, feel free to contact us!


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Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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