Wood Slat Acoustic Panels for Wall and Ceiling – 6 Inspiration Ideas

Have you ever thought about where you can use acoustic slat wall panels to transform the whole space? If not, I hope this article can give you a little bit hint and help you to explore more possibilities.

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acoustic slat wall panels vertical horizontal

Acoustic wood slat wall panels have been one of the market darlings for a while. The trend has swept the US, the UK, and the entire Europe, as well as South America. And the product is still evolving to the next level, and developing itself for new application scenarios. Let’s have a look just in case you missed out on some stunning designs.

Acoustic Wood Slat Paneling for Walls

Of course, one of the most widely used applications is for interior walls. Featuring its wood veneer on top and beautifully designed wood strips, acoustic wood slat wall panels can be used almost everywhere.

Used as a TV Backwall Together

Some people love to use the acoustic wood slat wall panels behind their TVs to have a complete look on the entire wall, while some people think their focus gets disturbed. Luckily, you can have it either way you want, because the acoustic wood slat wall panels are super easy to cut to any size and shape you need, and install in seconds.

acoustic wood slat wall paneling cladding

For people who think their eyes get fatigued by the strips, here are some solutions:

First, you can install the acoustic slat wall panels on the sides, and in the middle, you can pair with large tiles. And of course, you can choose our SPC wall panels which are definitely a modern alternative to tiles with a fast and easy installation in a fraction of time and cost.

Second, you can choose a darker color like behind if you want to have the entire wall covered by slat wall panels. It will help a little bit, And of course, this solution will depend on your home interior design style.

dark acoustic wood slat wall panels

Another solution is that you can choose wider-wood-strip kind of acoustic slat wall panels to give you less distraction. Because wider wood strips mean in a certain amount of areas, you will have fewer wood strips. The look will be more cohesive. Want grand design? Contact us!

grand size acoustic slat wall panels

Use in the Bedroom as a Bed Headboard

We know there are so many different headboard materials on the market, such as fabric headboard and upholstered headboard. But have you ever considered using acoustic wood slat wall panels as your headboard?

One of the simple ways is to place them directly behind the bed. You can also incorporate LED light together to give the whole space a different vibe and become a perfect backdrop for your bed.

acoustic wood slat wall panels bedroom headboard

And don’t forget, you can install the acoustic slat wood wall panels can be installed horizontally to create a different look. You can also choose different shapes of the acoustic slat wall panels such as square shape, herringbone shape, chevron shape, etc.

acoustic slat wall panels horizontally

Used in the Hallways or Behind the Sofa

As a forgotten area, you can use acoustic slatted wood wall panels to easily transform the hallway into a stunning and welcoming space. Whenever people come to your house, they will WOW!

Besides its visual appeal, you can also use a small shelf to put your keys and other stuff, some hooks to hold your clothes, and a mirror to make the space a lot more fun. And the same goes for the sofa areas, you can use it to create a tranquil environment. Want to see more designs? Check it out!

acoustic slat wall panels sofa areas

In the Commercial Space Such As Restaurants, Offices, Bars

Office areas are another typical application space with the acoustic attribute needed. And because of its large space, normally you want to transform the space with the fastest speed and easiest way without interrupting the working routine. Then acoustic wood slat wall panels would be your perfect choice.

acoustic wood slat wall panels office

It is the same for hotels and restaurants, they all want the most cost-effective and fast move-in way to complete the entire renovation project. And you can creatively use our LED lights and metallic cover on top to effortlessly change the look.

acoustic slat wall panels hotel reception desk

For LED light, we have different lengths you can combine to achieve a dynamic design rhythm. For more details, you can contact us.

acoustic slat wall panels led light

Acoustic Slat Wood Paneling for Ceilings

Featuring lightweight and easy installation, acoustic slat wall panels can also be used on ceilings. Or you can choose to combine with the walls to have an integrated look from walls to ceilings.

Acoustic Wood Slat Paneling for Curved Surfaces

Flexible acoustic slat wall panels are capable of being used on curved surfaces as well, making them more practical even in commercial spaces to have more dimensions.

acoustic slat wall panels flexible commercial spaces

After seeing all these inspirations, I think you must have come up with some more ideas to introduce acoustic wood slat wall panels to your customers. For more designs, shapes and accessories, you can contact us for more details. And also stay stunned to our new blogs.


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