Wood Slat Wall Panels DIY – How To Maintain

Acoustic wood slat wall panels perfectly meet your needs for home renovation or construction: healthy, less expensive, easy to maintain. Here’s a general guide on how to maintain wood slat wall panels.

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how to maintain wood slat wall panel

Wood Slat Wall Regular Cleaning

You should prevent accumulating of dust and dirt on the surface of the wood slat wall panels. Just use soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a brush to softly remove dust and dirt, you can clean them once a month or even one time two months.

acoustic slat wall panel maintain

Gentle Cleaning Of The Wood Slat

Sometimes you may need remove the stains. In this case, you can use a mild detergent mixed with water, with a soft sponge or cloth to gently swipe the surface. Don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, because they can damage the wood surface. It is important to keep in mind that wood is susceptible to water damage, so after wiping the surface of wood slats, remember ensuring the space is adequately ventilated to avoid moisture.

detergent_cleaning for wood slat wall

Protect The Wood Slat Finish

Applying a protective finish, such as varnish, lacquer, or wood oil, they protect the wood slats from moisture, stains, and scratches, and reapply the protective finish if you need.

wood slat oil

Avoid Overheating The Wood Slat

Overheating can cause wood to deteriorate and to carbonized, which affects the natural beauty of the wood, minimize overheating of the wood slats, and repair them promptly to prevent further deterioration, or just use a new wood slat wall panel to replace.

prevent wood slat from overheating

If you have more questions about maintaining your wood slat panels for walls and ceilings, feel free to contact us!

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Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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