Acoustic Slat Wall Panel – What Size You Should Choose

Choosing the right size of wood slat wall panel is crucial in improving your space. You should consider several factors: the size of your walls or ceiling, the aesthetic you want, and the acoustic performance you’re planning. Here’s a guide on how to choose correct size of wood slat wall.

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acoustic slat wall panel size choose

The Size Of Your Walls And The Height Of Ceiling

Measure the size of the room where you want to install the acoustic slat wall panels. If your ceiling is high and your room is large, you may need a lager wood slat wall panel, because it keeps the uniform appearance of your room and don’t make your room look messy.

measure wall size

Aesthetic Preference Of Wood Slat Wall Panel

Decide the appearance of your room, then you’ll know what size you should use.

If you prefer the uniform appearance, you should choose a wood slat panel that is as high as your walls, it can cover your walls from floor to the ceiling.

acoustic slat wall bedside

If you’re just looking for a decoration for your room, you can choose some small wood slat panel tiles, it depends on where you plan to install them, and the height of your wood slat wall panel can be the same as the furniture nearby.

acoustic slat wall panel herringbone

As for the widths of the wood slat wall, you don’t need to install the acoustic slat wall panels on all of your walls, we have some simple little wood tiles for simple decoration. There are multiple shapes and multiple colors.

hexagon wood wall tile

If you want to improve the ambiance of your room, the acoustic slat wall panel should be wider than the furniture near by. With simple LED light or metallic covers, they’re enough to change your room.

Acoustic Performance Of Wood Slat Wall Panel

Large panels usually absorb more noise because their large surface, so you should evaluate the acoustic performance you need.


Customized Options Of Wood Slat Wall

We offer customization options for panel sizes, from the colors to the shapes, contact us for more customized colors and shapes, and we will also send you free samples!

digital printing for acoustic slat wall

After considering the room size, aesthetic preferences, acoustic performance needs, you can select your ideal panel size to renovate your space now!


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Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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