Acoustic Slat Wall Panels – What are They and Why So Popular

I believe many of you have heard of slat wall panel, but are you aware that acoustic slat wall panels have been one of the hottest products recently? Do you know what it is, and why it is popular? Let’s find out!

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acoustic slat wood wall panels diy

It is like in people’s nature that we love wood and natural stuff. Although hardwood flooring has disadvantages, we just can’t get enough of it. In history, we have the tradition of using wood battens or wood panels to decorate our space. And as time goes by, people have grown their aesthetic appeals. But one thing that has never changed – the pure love for organic designs and natural-looking products, and the desire to add texture and create interest with wood.

Many people used to opt for wood slat wall paneling when renovating their space because it can add a natural touch easily. It has soon become one of the most favorable choices of most interior designers for an aesthetic and pleasurable appeal. They are easy to install and can be arranged in diagonal, horizontal, or vertical patterns.

wood slat acoustic panels

But you have to admit, today is a noisy world! You want to focus on yourself, but you can’t control overhearing your neighbors talking about their ups and downs; you want to find peace in the music you love, but there is always noise keeping you from immersing in your world; you want to find a solution to all of these, but those acoustic foams just don’t get along with your design ideas.

“Oh god, what should I do to stop my love from complaining about this?”

“Maybe you should try acoustic slat wall panels!”

What are Acoustic Slat Wall Panels?

If we have to give it a definition, I think acoustic slat wood wall panels are a stylish and cost-effective acoustic solution. Traditionally you can achieve soundproofing by layering drywall or using acoustic foam to create insulation and keep out noises. However, they are somewhat expensive, ineffective and unattractive!

acoustic wood slat panels

Wooden slat acoustic panels by STEP GUARD, on the other hand, are made from wood veneer certified by FSC, CARB P2 MDF, and premium NRC=0.8 PET Fiber to effectively absorb and diffuse sound waves by reducing echoes and reverberation.

Coupled with a 27mm-13mm golden ratio slat and gap, our wood slat acoustic panels absorb and scatter noise well without compromising styles to improve the overall acoustic performance and visual appeal in a sustainable and healthy way.

And with the help of the framework and mineral wool behind, you can achieve class A sound absorption performance.

wooden slat acoustic panels

Acoustic Slat Wall Panel, Why You Should Choose it?

Acoustic Slat Wall, Aesthetic Pleasing

Acoustic slat wall panels are actually the best combination of acoustics and aesthetics. Wood veneer on top made from oak, walnut, ash and other wood species delivers irresistible charms, warmth, texture, and depth to any space. Sometimes a wall needs something, and when you don’t know what it is, the best option is adding textures to create a physical variation, and acoustic slat wall panels are the best help. They can also match up with our SPC wall panels to create a stunning holistic design.

acoustic slat wood panels

DIY-friendly Acoustic Slat Wall Panels

Acoustic slat wall panels are one of the most diverse products. Can you imagine they can be used vertically, horizontally, or diagonally; incorporated with LED lighting; as a wall-to-ceiling solution; headboards in bedrooms to compliment the current decoration; hotel bars, offices, even on curved surfaces and more. You can customize them easily to make any shape you want and assemble them together to add a very special touch to the interior design. Even it is a small forgotten area, you can make it shine!

Acoustic Wall Panels, Improve Sound Quality

As we have mentioned above, STEP GUARD acoustic slat wall panels provide better sound capabilities to maintain a comfortable and pleasant environment that no others can. How to transform great-looking spaces into great-sounding spaces? With acoustic slat wall panels, there is nothing you can hear but a feeling of being comfortable.

acoustical slat wall panels

Sound proof Wood Slat Wall Panels, Easy to Install & Care

People may think this is a too-good-to-be-true solution, on the contrary, it is one of the easiest solutions.

After preparing your wall, you can choose:

Option 1: glue straight onto the wall;

Option 2: screw directly into the wall;

 Option 3: glue and nail together for a better fastening;

Option 4: screw the panels into wood battens

Mount it as you wish as all you need to do is glue and screw onto the wall. And what’s more exciting, it only requires little upkeep. Simply use a dry cloth to wipe the panels down to keep them clean. Lightly dust or vacuum with a soft brush to prevent dust from building up on the PET fiber.

acoustic slatted wood wall panels

There are so many more I want to share because acoustic slat wall panels are those products that are simply beautiful and people would love what they see: a versatile and functional solution that has a balanced strength for almost any interior application without breaking the bank.

Want to know more designs from our AcousticPanel collection? Contact us!


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Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
acoustic slat wall panelacoustic wood slat wall panelacoustic slat wall panels
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