SPC Wall Panels, Places You Should Use and Shouldn’t Use

Believe it or not, SPC wall panels are indeed one of the most popular wall panel materials on the market right now. STEP GUARD, as the leading brand in the innovative SPC wall panel industry, has received many customers’ requests wanting to use our tongue and groove SPC wall panel products together with our SPC flooring products to complete their renovation or new space design.

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There is not the least doubt that interior SPC vinyl wall panels are the right product for customers and business owners if you want an effortlessly chic space and a fast-growing business.

Regardless of how much I love this product and its diverse applications, I must admit that SPC wall panels are not a product for everywhere.  I want to be honest and as a responsible brand, we hope our customers have the right expectations for the products.

So in this article, I will let you know places should definitely use our SPC wall panels, maybe some inspirations you have never thought about. And some places you shouldn’t use. Now Let’s dive into the topic.

SPC Wall Panels, Places You Should Use

1. Waterproof SPC Wall Panels for Shower Wet Rooms

People are dreaming of having a bathroom and shower space that doesn’t need to spend much time and effort on cleaning nasty grouts. And the bathroom is probably one of the most expensive and time-consuming spaces you will spend to do the renovation. Of course, you don’t want any mistakes. It needs to be functional as well as beautiful for a lifelong time.

waterproof bathroom spc wall panel cladding

When people look around, they may find many other alternatives such as acrylic and PVC. Honestly, they are not what you think you see.

And this is precisely where STEP GUARD SPC bathroom shower wall panels come in. Upscale visuals that look like marble, stone and wood, diverse shapes such as hexagons, subways, chevrons, etc. What’s more, you can get all those trendy designs without tolerating the hassles of tiles!

2. Shower SPC Wall Panels for Alcove Space, above Tub or Tray

And you know what, you can have a smarter solution, which is STEP GUARD SPC shower wall panel system. Designed for 2-sided and 3-sided shower surroundings with the standard sizes, you can easily transform it with an all-in-one SPC shower wall panel kit within 2 hours at most!

With the maximum design flexibility, you can cut the panels into the size needed, and fit them between the tub/tray and ceiling.

bathroom shower spc wall panel bathtub

3. SPC Wall Tiles for Bathroom

If you have already decided to use SPC wall panels for the shower areas, why not extend its application to the whole bathroom? STEP GUARD Tongue and groove SPC wall panels with mould-proof and waterproof attributes can easily create a holistic look. Large formats and tile sizes are available.

bathroom spc wall panel tongue and groove

4. SPC Wall Panel for Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen, the spirit of the room, is usually the embodiment of the whole space. And tiling for the kitchen, especially for the kitchen backsplash is another pain in the neck. Kitchen backsplash should prevent water, grease, and other messes from damaging your walls. And because it is close to the heat behind the stoves and sinks, it should be heat resistant, steam resistant, and fire resistant.

fire steam heat resistance spc wall panel kitchen backsplash

And if you want to solve all the issues mentioned above plus stylish and various design choices, the easiest option you can go with is STEP GUARD SPC wall panels. Because they are grout-free, 100% waterproof, easy to maintain, and heat resistant.

spc wall panel tile kitchen backsplash

5. SPC Wall Panels for TV Background

If you are tired of the painted wall and wainscot and don’t want to use stone or wood strips behind TV areas, you should definitely go to SPC wall panels. Just stick and click, and you can create a simple yet sophisticated look. And together with our acoustic slat wall panels, you can have a space with acoustic performance as well as design variety with extra depth and texture added. Don’t let your imagination set the limits.

acoustic slat 3D wall panel spc rigid core vinyl cladding

6. SPC Wall Panels as a Featuring Wall

Sometimes you want a featuring wall, or a stunning backdrop to elevate the whole space, but don’t want to break your bank, STEP GUARD SPC wall panels would be an ideal choice. Because of its large format and true-to-nature looks, it can create easy zoning and make the space stand out. So no matter whether this is for residential applications like the kitchen focal points, or for commercial usages like the hotel and restaurant featuring walls, you can always find something you want from STEP GUARD.

7. Interior SPC Wall Panels for Schools, Education, Nursing Homes & Hospitals

You need to create a safe place for kids and the elders. The walls need to be easy to clean because you don’t want to cry because you can wipe off kids’ creative paintings on the walls; the walls need to be hygienic and healthy because people you care about are living there.

This is where STEP GUARD SPC wall panels are a natural choice. Formaldehyde-free, heavy metal free and phthalates-free, SPC wall panel is naturally healthy and hygienic; wipe clean surface making it easy to maintain on a daily basis.

Featuring upscale looks of marble, stone, and wood, our SPC wall panels will be sure to complement any style for years to come.

spc wall panel featuring wall cladding

8. SPC Wall Panels for Social Housing, Modular, & Hotels – Where Requests Fast Move-in

For these kinds of spaces, you need a wall material that is cost-effective, easy to install and lightweight.

5 times faster and 70% cost-reduced SPC wall panels are no doubt the ideal choice. 94.5″ high x 23.6″ wide x 1/8″ thickness (2400mm high x 600 wide x 4mm thickness)  SPC wall panels only weigh 26lbs (11.8kg). The resilient rigid composite board will not break, and will not be too heavy to use. Tongue and groove click system makes it possible to renovate today, and move in tomorrow!

spc wall panel tongue and groove waterprood moldproof

9. Tongue and Groove SPC Wall Panels for Curved Wall Covering

I bet you have never thought that our SPC wall panels can be curved! But it is! SPC wall panels are rigid enough, but also flexible when heated on the back to make it possible to confirm to covered walls.

And if you want to create a seamless wall effect without using noticeable profiles, just groove on the back and heat it, and then slowly bend the wall panels to the curve you want, and fix it, the job is done!

But I have to say, you need some practice. It requires some techniques and extra materials because you will waste some panels in order to achieve this seamless effect.

rigid core spc wall tile

10. SPC Wall Panels for Any Interior Spaces that Want a Stunning Covering

SPC wall panel is not only a wall covering, they are the surface covering in the essence. You can use it to redesign any surface you want!

spc wall panel cladding tile

Interior SPC Wall Panels, Places You Shouldn’t Use

1. Outdoor Application

SPC wall panels are for interior use only, and can’t be used outdoors.

2. Where You Want a Horizontal Wall Covering

For large format STEP GUARD SPC wall panels are a vertical wall panel system. Seams run up and down, click system only runs through the long side of the wall panels. Sizes available for H x W: 2200mm x 450mm, 2400mm x 600mm, 2400mm x 1200mm, 2600mm x 600mm, 2800mm x 600mm, and SPC shower wall panels.

For tile size STEP GUARD SPC wall tile like 610mm x 305mm, the click system runs through both the long side and short side of the wall panels, so they can be installed like in the subway design yet without the hassles of tiles.

spc wall panels tile

3.Sauna Room

Although our products are dimensionally stable even in the 80℃ environment, we still don’t recommend using them in the sauna room.

SPC Wall Panels, Your Modern Alternative to Tiles

After so much information above, I hope you get more ideas about where STEP GUARD SPC wall panels can be used no matter this is for your own renovation projects or business. The one-for-all product doesn’t exist, but the right product does exist, and you need to know how you can take the most advantage of it.


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Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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