SPC Wall Panels, Making Art Room Cleaning a Breeze

Wipe clean SPC wall panels not only benefit home owners, but also for commercial and education applications. Stain resistance and easy maintenance rigid core SPC wall covering creates a clean, safe and healthy environment for kids without hassles.

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spc wall panel wipe clean school education renovation

Background information:

The kindergarten’s art room faced a delightful yet daunting challenge. On the walls are children’s scribbles from playing, but traditional materials make them difficult to clean, making the walls look untidy.


Finding a solution that would preserve the artistic expression of the children while ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.

spc wall panel cladding stain resistance

SPC Wall Panels for Wipe Clean Demand

The Kindergarten administration decided to renovate the art room using SPC wall covering.


Easy to Wipe, Easy to Maintenance

SPC wall tiles are very easy to clean and maintain, you only need to wipe gently which can have a clean wall surface, solve the challenges of stubborn paint stains and messy walls, save the teacher’s time of cleaning, and ensure a clean and inviting atmosphere for the kids.


Opting for SPC wall boards has proven to be an excellent resolution to the challenges presented by the difficulty to clean the art room.

Principal Johnson said: “Teachers are amazed at how easy it is to maintain, leaving more time for teaching. For kids, they are more excited. Knowing that their artwork could be cherished and admired in a tidy and presentable setting. Furthermore, SPC rigid core wall covering is eco-friendly with no release of chemical components like formaldehyde. Promoting a green living environment to ensuring the children enjoy a healthy and sustainable space.”

With SPC wall panels in place, the kindergarten’s art room has been transformed into a vibrant and easy-to-maintain space. The children’s artistic expressions now adorn the walls without any worries of staining or difficulty in cleaning.

Besides the mentioned benefits, both case principals also considered the installation time as a crucial factor. One of the most significant advantages of vinyl SPC wall panels is their rapid and effortless installation, taking merely one-fifth of the time compared to ceramic tiles and with £30 ($50) per m² budget saved.

spc wall panel tongue and groove easy installation renovation

This quick installation process minimizes disruptions to children’s daily activities. Moreover, the time and labor saved can be reinvested into enhancing educational resources. Enrich educational experiences and benefit the students.

As we look toward the future of educational spaces, it is evident that such thoughtful and practical approaches will continue to shape the way we design and maintain environments for learning and growth.

SPC Wall Panels – The smart investment for modern schools. What are you still hesitating about?


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