Wood Slat Wall Inspo: How To Choose LED Color For Your Wood Slat Accent Wall?

The LED and wood slat wall combinations could significantly impact the ambiance of the room, and could immediately change the overall feel of the space. For a better room design and room appearance, it’s necessary to consider the choose of LED color and the wood slat wall color. Here’s some recommendations for the combination of the LED colors and the wood slat wall colors.

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Soft Light LEDs For Light-Colored Wood Slats

Soft light LEDs emit a cozy and relaxing feeling, such as orange and light yellow. It’s easy to create a comfortable atmosphere with soft color LED. A good way to match or event to enhance this atmosphere is to choose soft color tones wood, such as White Oak, Classic White Oak, or Natural Rustic Oak. These soft colors enhance the warmth and brightness of the room. Soft color lights and soft color wood slats are suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or Yoga room where you need relaxation and comfort.

Natural rustic ash wood slat with light-colored led

Cold White LEDs with Dark Wood Slats

Cold white-colored LED provides a crisp and clean feeling, white is always considered suitable for all colors of the wood slats, but it’s recommended for the dark-colored wood, since white complements the dark tones of the wood, such as Grand Walnut Color, Ash Smoked Oak Color or Dusty Oak Color. The combination of cold white and dark-colored wood slats creates a modern and sophisticated look, adding contrast and depth to the room. Considering the contrast effect, this combination is suitable for offices, libraries, or formal dining rooms to deliver a sleek and polished aesthetic.

cold white with deep colored wood slats

Fancy Colors with Wood Slats

There’re more options for the LED colors, there’re also more options for the wood slats. If you don’t like to follow people’s regular pairing choices, then you can choose fancy colors, like purple and blue, red and cyan. In this case, soft color wood slats deliver a tropical felling. You can choose this kind of combination in a little bistro or a little cafe, to deliver a sense of warmth.

If you don’t like tropical feelings, then dark tons wood and colorful LED combination shows mechanic aesthetics.

metallic combination dark wood salts

DIY Friendly Wood Slat Wall Paneling

The mainstream LED lights in the market have a wide range of color temperatures.

led lights color temperature

But all combinations are not suitable for everyone. You can choose your favorite color for LED, and ant other color of acoustic slat wall panel. Not only do they change the style of the room, but they also enhance the privacy of your room due to good sound absorption effect. Easy and fast to install, low need of maintenance, wood slat wall paneling is your best way to renovate your room.

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