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SPC wall panels tiles are especially suitable for residential multifamily and commercial large-scale renovation projects. 5 times quicker and 70% cost reduced, faster move-ins, and decrease occupancy downtime. Want to know how? Check this out! And also see our special support for every project!

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multifamily renovation project

Large-scale renovation projects such as apartments, hotels, and schools, are complex and challenging endeavors that involve several stages and require careful planning and strong execution. You need to determine the goals and scope of the renovation, budget limits, interior designs, and also oversee the construction activities, etc.

Background information:

Recently we have met a customer who wants to use our SPC wall panels in their renovation project. Actually, we have many blogs elaborating on the advantages of using SPC wall panels tiles in projects. In today’s article, we want to share our thoughts again after almost 1 year of marketing and discussing with our customers, and how we can help real estate developers, designers and contractors.

SPC Wall Panels, a Better Solution to Renovation Projects

People want it to be cost-effective, and fast move-ins without compromising styles and functionalities. Choosing the right materials will be crucial when you want to achieve your goals. And wall, as one of the largest areas in a space, received a lot of attention, it is one of those parts that would definitely elevate the whole space. But it is also one of the tricky parts. SPC wall panels, the modern alternative to tiles, will be the one that could help you out.

multifamily spc wall panels tiles renovation project

From the Perspective of the Developer & Contractor

Faster Move-in & Budget Controlled

Every project especially large-scale projects will have a clear timeline, goals, budget and preference. It will involve many departments working together such as designers, contractors, builders, purchasers, etc. Every process and procedure we implement is to make sure that the project can be completed on time, and within budget.

SPC wall panels with tongue and groove click system have a big advantage on this.

1. No cement needed to prepare the base. Just click and stick, you will finish the wall renovation. And it can also be installed over tiles, which is a perfect solution for renovation projects.

spc wall panels tongue and groove click system

2. No grout needed. You don’t need to waste time on grout, but you can still have the same stunning tile look.

3. No time needed waiting for tilers to come. Labor costs are increasing, not to say that sometimes you need to wait for months for tilers to come finish the installation.

spc wall panels tiles renovation project shower bathroom

4. You will only need a couple of hours to finish the entire space wall renovation, one large formate SPC wall panel equals dozens of tiles.

5. Considering all the factors above, 70% cost reduced during the whole renovation goal will be achieved.

spc wall panels tiles

Less Occupancy Downtime

Featuring tongue and groove interlocking system, our SPC wall panels can be installed in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and shower areas. 5 times faster to install without special tools needed. So even you are decorating the space right now, or you want to renovation the space after a few years, you can reduce the occupancy downtime and increase the efficiency.

spc interior shower wall panels tiles

From the Perspective of Apartment Resident

Interior design plays an important role in selling the property and can impact the potential buyer’s purchasing behavior. Interior design and real estate are not separate entities. They work together to create the places people love to live in.

On-trend Look

People want to create a space that can express their personalities, live in a space that can make friends WOW whenever they come by, and have a space that can increase the value instead of decrease as time passes. And to meet these demands, a trendy interior design is what you should consider when developing or renovating a space.

Most of the time, people would think about choosing beautiful furniture. But actually, floors and walls set a basic tone and style of a space. They are two parts that people would first see and feel the vibe when they come into a new space. It would be better to be eye-catching and on-trend.

spc wall panels tiles bathroom shower

Our SPC wall panels with diverse styles of designs ranging from stone, marble to wood, from large format to handy size, from smooth surface to slate texture can help to create different styles of space easily.

And you can also use it to combine with acoustic slat wall panels to create a striking TV background wall or a feature wall.

spc wall panels tiles handy size

What’s more, if you want to create an integrated design look, you can also use the handy size SPC tiles on both floors and walls to achieve an extensive design.

Easy Maintenance

People love to spend more time on themselves enjoying life instead of doing endless chores. And considering the overall cost, low maintenance will also help to reduce the daily expenses.

SPC wall panels with enhanced surface protection is stain resistance, waterproof and mould proof. The wipe-clean surface makes daily cleaning easy and fast.

How We Can Help Developers & Contractors to the Project

1. Large stocks are ready to go with a comprehensive collection of SPC wall panels tiles and accessories to support your design plan.

2. Mock up demand support with a shorter lead time, see the result first, then make the final decision.

spc wall panels tiles contractor support

3. Marketing supports are ready. Printing catalog, color swatches, and large format samples are all available for you to check the quality and choose what you want among all the colors.

4. Our own professional 3D designers can help to do the design and render the actual effect, even make the whole design plan in order to help you figure out what you need and the estimated quantity.

spc wall panels tongue and groove

If you have any renovation projects request, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’v got you covered from floors to walls to accessories.


STEP GUARD : I’m here for you, from floors to walls!

Email: info@stepguardfloors.com

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Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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