Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels | How to Install

Acoustic slat wall panels are popular among DIYers who do the interior renovations. The slat wall panels are large format and light weight, easy to install with glue or nails. Want to figure out how to install acoustic slat wall panels in details? Check it out!

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acoustic slat wood wall panels installation

Acoustic Slat Wall Panels Installation

Make sure that the surface of the wall is clean and even. Do not store or install in any area with excessive moisture, or extremely low or high temperature. Interior application only, do not install outdoors.

And prepare the tools you need: Level, Circular Saw, Electric Screwdriver, Utility Knife, Pencil, Measuring Tape, Screws, Structural Adhesive, Structural Adhesive Gun, Battens (optional), Sandpaper (optional)

acoustic slat wall panels installation

STEP 1: Preparing the Wall

Start by preparing the wall. Wipe the wall with a cloth and remove any screws, nails, loose paint and other obstructions so that the wall is completely even.

Type A: you can choose to install AcousticPanel directly on the wall.

Type B: you can choose to mount battens on the wall and insert mineral wool between the battens to achieve Class A acoustic performance. We recommend that you keep a distance of 60cm between the battens.

STEP 2: Measuring the Height and Width

Use the measuring tape to measure the width and height of the wall and mark the cutting lines on the panel with a pencil.

If installed on top of the skirting, the panels will only need to be cut to the top of the skirting, not the whole wall height.

It is recommended to install the panels above the skirting to protect the panels from knocks and scratches.

STEP 3: Cutting the Panels

Cut panels to the length needed using the saw or circular saw. It is recommended that you sand the cut with sandpaper for a better result.

Cut panels to the width needed using the utility knife.

acoustic slat wall panels cut

STEP 4: Mounting the Panels

It is recommended to use black screws to screw through the black felt into the wall, and use silver or grey screws for the grey and white felt for a better effect.

And be aware you should join the tongue side with the groove side when installing each panel.

Type A: you can choose to glue straight onto the wall

A construction-grade structural adhesive is recommended for this. Apply the adhesive to the back in a zigzag pattern, and press the panel into place on the wall.

acoustic slat wall panels stick glue onto the wall

Type B: you can screw directly onto the wall

Mount the acoustic slat wall panels on the wall by drilling screws (min. 3.5mm × 35mm). Take 2400mm×600mm for example, we recommend 15 screws of 3 screws per row for each panel.

acoustic slat wall panels nail screw onto the wall

Type C: you can choose to glue and screw the panels onto the wall

First, add structural adhesive to the backing felt of the panel and glue onto the wall, then strengthen with screws. 5-star recommended for a longer life span.

And if you choose to have hangers and small shelves installed onto the wall, then we strongly suggest that you both glue and screw the panels.

acoustic slat wall panels installation

Type D: for battens with mineral wool

Insert mineral wool (recommended 45mm thickness) between the battens and install the acoustic slat wall panels using screws (min. 3.5mm × 35mm) into the battens.

STEP 5: Cutting the Panels in Width

When reaching the end of the wall you might need to adjust the panels using the utility knife to the width needed to make the panels fit.

You can also choose to use the end cap to close the end. The panels will need to be installed first. Use construction adhesive from top to bottom on the back of the end cap, and stick onto the panels and wall.

acoustic slat wall panels end cap

Acoustic Slat Panels for Different Applications

1. For Ceiling

Measuring the ceiling and figure out how many panels you will need.
And decide which direction the panels should turn.
You can choose to do the formwork, and if so, the formwork should point the opposite way of the panels.
To place panels on a ceiling, the instructions are the same as on a wall.
For the ceiling, we strongly recommend strengthening the panel with screws, making at least 3 rows, total 45 screws.

acoustic slat wall panels ceiling

2. Front Cover

You can choose smaller size acoustic slat wall panels and the instructions are the same as on a wall.

acoustic slat wall panels for kitchen island front

3. On a Rounded Wall

On a rounded wall if the curve is not too sharp and the instructions are the same as on a wall.

wood panels for living room

4. Horizontally and Vertically

You can install our acoustic slat wall panels both horizontally and vertically and the instructions are the same as on a wall.

acoustic slat wall panels vertical horizontal

5. With LED Strip Lights & Metallic Cover

Our acoustic slat wall panels is compatible with light integration. You can either insert it into the slat gap, or apply in the groove between the panels. Leave the light wires on top or at the bottom of the panels.

Or you can install the metallic cover on top of the wood slat to create a dynamic look.

acoustic wood slat wall panels led light

6. with SPC Wall Panels

Acoustic slat wall panels can be paired perfectly with our SPC wall panels to create a perfect feature wall, TV background wall, etc.

dark acoustic wood slat wall panels

Acoustic Slat Wall Panels Maintenance

Lasting beauty can be achieved through proper ongoing maintenance.

Regular Care

Protect from direct heat and sunlight. To prevent dust, build up, lightly dust with a soft cloth, or vacuum with a soft brush attachment.

Watch our full installation video here:

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Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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