Quality Life Integrated with SPC Wall Panel and SPC Flooring

Recently many people have reached out to us and asked whether our SPC wall panels can be matched with the flooring to create an integrated design look. The answer is an absolute yes! And that’s exactly one of our strengths. With our brand-exclusive brand color design, our SPC wall panels from the FastPanel collection paired with our SPC flooring will definitely become stylish eye-catchers!

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spc wall panel flooring integrated design

If any of your customers ask you about the integrated look with wall panels and flooring, he/she must have good taste and keen market insight.

Because more and more people are focusing on wellbeing-enhancing and visually-appealing spaces created by flooring and walls.

And our RCB SPC wall panels and SPC flooring are just designed to meet this demand and create a coherent and individual atmosphere without hassles.

spc pvc wall panel tile bedroom living room

SPC Wall Panels for Every Space

We always believe functional doesn’t have to be boring. Combined with style and strength, our SPC wall panels are designed for both residential and commercial applications.

Ultimate Wall Protection with Design

RCB technique SPC wall panels are born with enhanced protection against any daily wear and tear.

Equipped with FastClick system, our SPC wall panel is 100% waterproof and mould proof from top to bottom, making it suitable to be used in wet room areas such as bathrooms and showers.

grout free bathroom shower spc wall panel

Even for the hot zone, we can help to create a coordinated space with ease.

kitchen spc wall panel hot zone

Hassle-free SPC wall panels allow you to have the perfect space with minimal maintenance, and all you need is just a wipe! Yes, you hear me, even it is with different shapes! This is your modern grout-free alternative to tiles!

grout free tongue and groove spc wall panel tile

Integrated Floors and Walls

When you are designing a new space, or making a renovation, the potential floor and wall combinations are endless. Even the best flooring will only look great when it is a good match for the wall designs.

You know what? Now, you have the perfect solution to create a magnificent look in a striking sense of continuity by choosing our SPC wall panel and flooring together!

marble tile look pvc spc wall panel covering cladding flooring

For a WOW Effect

If you are fancy of marble and slate effect for both floors and walls in the same colors, you can choose our perfectly matched SPC wall panels and SPC tiles. With brand-exclusive color designs, every SPC wall panel from our collection will create a cohesive combination, adding breathtaking visuals that no other design can compare.

Different surface treatments and shapes are available to evoke the finest beauty.

glossy finish spc wall panel

Incredible Upgrade

If you want to add some natural warmth but effortlessly with a variety of design styles, then wood look SPC wall panels would be your perfect choice. From warm tones to cool tones, from retro to modern, we’ve got you covered!

spc wall panel large format 2.2m 2.4m 2.6m 2.8m

Even the budget can’t limit your choice, because now you have got the perfect solution! For more ideas, feel free to contact us and find out more!

Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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