7 Tips to Renovate Hotel & Hospitality with SPC Wall Panels & Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to designing or remodeling a hotel, choosing the right materials for the walls and floors is crucial. If you have a hotel renovation project in hand, and looking for products that are aesthetic, durable, low maintenance and easy to install, I would recommend the NEW SPC wall panels and hybrid SPC flooring. Why? Let’s find out!

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hotel renovation spc wall paneling

Although the hotel is a public facility, you want to make people feel at home. A great place where people love to come over and over again must always be accompanied by a striking design that creates an authentic atmosphere and make guests feel comfortable. Commercial building remodelings, especially hotel projects, are not as simple as it looks.

You have to reconcile everything such as durability, aesthetics, comfort, efficiency and guest satisfaction. No matter if you are the hotel owner, designer, or contractor, if this is also your task, today I would love to introduce SPC wall panels and hybrid SPC flooring which may help enlighten you a little bit.

What Challenges You are Facing?

  • The need to be distinctive: with hundreds of hotel brands, you are challenged to leave a permanent impression on the guests. No matter whether they are here for business, or to enjoy well-deserved vacation time, interior design is vital to success. And a sustainable product will also appeal to eco-conscious guests. How to renovate the hotel to stand out without breaking the budget?
  • The need to reduce the cost of installation and maintenance: labor shortage accompanied by the roaring labor cost stall many projects. The frustrating maintenance problems will also make you broke. You need something that is simple and easy to install and maintain. No construction and remodeling delays.
  • The need for efficiency: you want it to open quickly, and generate revenue fast in order to welcome guests.

decorative spc wall panel easy installation tongue and groove

The Solution is SPC Wall Panels and Hybrid SPC Flooring

If considering all the above factors, your choices are limited. And among all those choices, decorative SPC wall cladding and rigid vinyl click flooring would be your ideal options.

Different Temperature and Humidity:

No matter what kind of material you choose, it should be suitable for the climate changes where the hotel is located. For example, if the hotel is in a humid area, the floors and walls should resist moisture and mould.

And because of the hot and cold mixing production technique and brand-exclusive raw material ratio, our SPC wall panels and SPC flooring is known for exceptional dimensional stability (shrinkage≤0.02%, curling≤0.07mm), making it perfect to be used in every country all over the world.

what is the structure of spc wall panel

Different Functional Areas:

Hotel Reception and Foyer with SPC Wall Panels:

The hotel reception is the showcase and it is a place that is worthy of careful design. Especially with the rising trend of the experience economy, the whole interior design should enhance the lives and well-being of the guests. Choosing an eye-catching SPC wall panel and flooring that is durable and easy to work with would be your consideration.

spc wall panel for bathroom, bedroom, living room STEP GUARD FastPanel collection

  • R10 slip resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance and stain resistance SPC flooring and vinyl composite SPC wall cladding will allow easy luggage movement, comfortable work of receptionists, and efficient cleaning works;
  • Wood and marble design combinations will easily create a cosy and home atmosphere.

Waterproof SPC Wall Panels and SPC Flooring in the Lobby, Corridors and on the Stairs:

The hotel lobby should act like a splendid backdrop which is enhanced by the integrated design of flooring and walls to offer a unique stamp that conveys style. It is the first thing the guests walk through, you need to give the guests a memorable first impression.

  • The closer to the entrance, the more SPC flooring is exposed to abrasion by sand, mud, and moisture. In these high-traffic places, you will definitely need to use 100% waterproof SPC flooring that is durable, anti-slip and resistant to any wear and tear;
  • And paired with our SPC wall panel, and stair accessories such as stair board and stair nose, you will easily create a perfect space that is visually appealing with practical considerations.
  • Serve them with classic and featured styles such as herringbone look, embossed in register design for intensified texture and marble looks will help to create a luxurious vibe and give them endless imagination about the rest.

Tongue and Groove SPC Wall Panels and Rigid Vinyl Flooring in the Hotel Rooms and Apartments

SPC wall coverings and SPC flooring are more and more often chosen to be used in hotel rooms. As a place where guests can relax and wind down, the floors need to feel comfortable as they take off their shoes and stand on them.

vinyl rigid core wall board cladding paneling

  • Tongue and groove vinyl wall panel installation system makes them easy to cut and fit, dust and dirt-free so nothing will stand in the way of a fast (re)opening;
  • Enhanced surface protection against any wear and tear, stain and scuff, spill and splash;

wood look interior spc wall cladding

Hassle-free SPC Wall Panels in the Hotel Bathrooms

If you are designing a new bathroom or renovating an existing unit, grout-free SPC wall panels would be your new alternative to create a stylish and practical space.

  • It can eliminate all the dirty grout lines that your guests and cleaning staff would hate;
  • It can be installed over tiles, on studs and OSB board without mortar;

marble look shower spc wall panel bathroom waterproof

  • It can be installed in 5 times quicker, and 70% cost reduced. 2 workers can complete a bathroom shower renovation within 2 hours. There is no need to install messy and time-consuming tiles. Just click and stick, the job is done. Equipped with other accessories such as internal corner profiles, external corner profiles, H-joint trims, and end caps, the installation would be much easier;

spc wall panel accessory installation internal external corner profile end cap h joint trim

  • With our SPC shower wall panel system, you will only need one kit to renovate the whole shower area;
  • Paired with our stone and marble look SPC floor tiles to create a seamless design space.
bathroom shower spc wall paneling flooring waterproof

Sound Absorption SPC Flooring and Wall Cladding in Conference Rooms

In this kind of space, our SPC flooring with high-density underlay will dampen the sound and absorb the noise. With felt pad under chairs, and tables, the luxury rigid vinyl flooring would be the perfect choice for long-term beauty.

flame retardant heat resistance kitchen backsplash spc wall panel

Flame Retardant SPC Wall Panels and SPC Flooring for Hotel Kitchens and Restaurants

  • The meals served are meant to delight the guests, and created in a safe and clean environment. As a result, the hotel kitchens and restaurants should always be clean, safe and hygienic, which is easy to maintain.
  • In those hot zone areas, the backsplash needs to be heat resistant and fire resistant, and there come our SPC wall panels.
  • No worries about the spill, splash, and staining, SPC flooring can totally handle them.

Choosing suitable materials for the hotel project is an important aspect of facility planning. The materials you choose can impact the hotel’s appearance, durability, maintenance needs, and sustainability.

As an innovative brand specializing in luxury SPC wall panel, SPC flooring and wood veneer flooring, we offer the most diverse trend designs for every style without compromising the performance.

With our in-stock project and complete marketing support such as swatches, folders, VR design and mock-up service, we have helped many business owners and contractors realize their dream. If you want to know more about the designs, services, samples, etc, just email or give us a call.


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Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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