5 Benefits of Choosing Waterproof Wood Veneer SPC Flooring

Waterproof wood veneer flooring is taking back the market share. Featuring advanced surface treatment, innovative core as well as click and groove installation system, this would be one of the investments you won’t regret!

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waterproof wood veneer flooring

Before delving into the details, do you want to have a floor with:

  1. real wood beauty?
  2. real wood beauty and waterproof?
  3. real wood beauty, waterproof and easy maintenance?

If you do, we are excited to share our LuxWood collection of waterproof wood floors.

To put it simply, STEPGUARD waterproof wood flooring is an engineered hybrid wood floor composed of multiple coatings system, real wood veneer, mineral core board and supported by high density underlay.

This entire collection is crafted and built for real nature charms in every home for a lifelong time. And with diverse wood specie options, there is something for every design possibilities.

wood veneer hardwood spc flooring structure

Is it Really Real Wood on Top?

Yes! All the planks in this collection are with authentic wood veneer on top of the surface. We rigorously select only the finest embodiment of nature’s exquisite beauty and respectfully craft into works of art 1.2mm thickness.

wood veneer hardwood spc flooring

How to Make Wood Flooring Waterproof?

Normally, when you purchase a beautiful and expensive wood flooring and want it to waterproof, you need to sand the floor, and apply extra waterproof coatings. It will cost a lot of effort and money, and basically you can only do something to the surface, not to the  core. And once there is water or moisture coming from the bottom or leaking through the joints, it would be a disaster.

So what are the benefits of choosing a waterproof veneer wood flooring?

water resistance engineered hardwood flooring

Water? No Big Deal!

Things would be a lot easier with our LuxWood collection products. Built-in ReinforceCoating system creates a perfect shield against any scratch, dent, moisture, and waterproof; tight click system effectively prevents water from penetrating from the joints; 100% waterproof MGO mineral core ensures exceptional stability; moisture proof, mold proof and waterproof underlay bring you comfortable underfoot feeling, better sound absorption performance and reassuring experience.

waterproof mineral core wood flooring

Sustainability Matters!

All the wood we use comes from sustainable forestry. And compare to hardwood flooring and traditional engineered wood flooring, our innovative hybrid wood flooring uses less precious hardwood resource, and preserve nature in a better way. So why not choose it when you can invite nature home with less destruction of nature?

sustainable hybrid wood flooring pvc free

Add Values for a Lifetime

With up to 7 layers of ReinforceCoating system, durable veneer wood mineral core flooring from STEPGUARD is resistant to scratches, dents, stains, and daily wear and tear. Different surface treatments bring out unique beauty to the best. Luxury authentic wood looks within your touch, echoing the history from the past, and shining through lifelong. Check it out to know more details.

Exceptional Stability

Exclusive material technology, precise production control of the wood veneer, and multi-layer construction minimize the shrinking and expansion during sever humidity and temperature changes.

No Fuss Maintenance, More Life Enjoyment

Not like other hardwood floors which require sanding and refurbishments, our veneer wood hybrid flooring will give timeless real wood beauty without extra maintenance.

hybrid wood flooring

Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
veneer wood flooringwaterproof hardwood flooringhybrid wood flooring
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