SPC Wall Panels Tiles

5 times faster and 70% cost reduced, check how our SPC wall panels can help you out!

What is SPC Wall Panels?

spc wall tiles panels structure
spc wall panels structure

SPC wall panels are a solid rigid composite wall board with a tongue and groove click system.

Waterproof, stain resistance, low maintenance and easy installation, your modern grout-free alternative to tiles!

Easy to Install on Different Types of Basewall

Our SPC wall panels can be installed over OSB boards and strip, steel stud, concrete wall, plaster, sheetrock and greenboard, even over old tiles, you can complete the renovation easy and fast.

Speed Up the Project

Featuring a tongue and groove click system, our SPC wall panels are 5 times faster to install. Just click and stick, the job is done! You can finish the bathroom renovation within 4 hours!

Perfect for residential and commercial renovation, especially large-scale, and time-critical projects.

Help to Reduce the Increasing Labor Cost

No grout needed;

No mortar needed;

Easy to carry and deliver;

Large format, 1 panel equals dozens of tiles!

Your Modern Grout-free Alternative to Tiles

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SPC Wall Panels for All Interior Renovation

SPC wall panels can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, shower areas, and other commercial space such as hotels, restaurants, apartments, etc. One solution for all demands.

Bathroom & Shower Areas

spc wall panels bathroom shower wet areas

Kitchen Renovation

spc wall panels tiles kitchen backsplash

Commercial Interior

spc vinyl wall panels commercial renovation project

We Can Benefit Every Real Estate Developer, Designer, Contrator:

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