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SPC Flooring & Wood Veneer SPC Flooring

Wall Panel

Waterproof SPC Wall Panels and acoustic slat wall panels


Stunning designs with diverse styles and extensive collections


Large stocks are ready to go with premium and consistent quality

Your Modern Alternative to Tiles

You need a new wall panel solution that is 5 times faster and easier to install, 70% cost reduced.

You Need Something Different, Something New, and Something Better to Stand Out!

spc wall panels tongue and groove STEP GUARD

Innovative RCB Wall Panel Tile

Featuring rigid composite board, our SPC wall panels from FastPanel collection are 100% waterproof and mould proof, perfect for use in wet room areas.

Diverse wood, stone, and marble designs for different styles.

Trying to Find a Solution to the Roaring Labor Cost?

Featuring waterproof tongue and groove click system, all you need is to stick and click, the job is done! 5 Time Faster & Easier to Install!

Perfect for time-critical and large-scale renovation projects for residential and commercial.

OSB board, plaster, sheetrock, steel studs, concrete wall, and even over your old ceramic tiles!

Why Tile, When You Have a Better Option

1/5 energy consumption compared to tiles;

1/5 weight compared to tiles;

1/5 transportation cost compared to tiles;

5X faster to install compared to tiles;

70% of installation cost reduced compared to tiles

Some figures you may want to know

A Hassle-free Work of Art

spc shower wall panel system

Modern grout-free and waterproof shower wall panel system, no matter whether there is a 2-sided or 3-sided shower enclosure, walk-in-bath and stylish NEO angle corner shower, our system has got you covered from head to toe, and paired perfectly with your sanitary faucets.

Extra Large, Extra Glam

Size Height ranging from 2.2m-2.8m, handy size 610mm x 305mm also available for a faster and easier installation with tile look, yet without the hassle work of tile.

Your ” No Tile” Tile Wall Ideas

Marble, stone, and wood, hexagon, subway and tile shapes, different styles and designs perfect for bathrooms, showers, kitchens, living rooms, and all the other residential and commercial application areas.

Case Study

STEP GUARD Showroom Presentation

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