Your grout-free alternative to tiles, perfect for residential renovation and large-scale projects.

Your Modern Alternative to Tiles

spc wall tiles panels structure
spc wall panels structure
  • RCB Technology (Rigid Composite Board): 100% waterproof and mould-proof SPC wall tiles, sustainable and eco-friendly, perfect for wet room areas.
  • Tongue and Groove Click System: 5 times faster and 70% cost-reduced installation process, perfect for time-critical and large-scale renovation projects.
  • Wide Range of Designs: Exclusive marble and wood look with hexagon shape and tile shape, yet without hassles of tile works.

SPC Shower Wall Panels System

No matter it is a 2-sided or 3-sided shower enclosure, walk-in-bath and stylish NEO angle corner shower, you can choose our SPC alcove shower wall panels kit for a standard area, or you can choose our standard SPC wall panels to renovate the whole bathroom.

spc shower wall panels

Your Perfect Solution to the Roaring Labor Cost 

Just stick and click, the job is done!

OSB board, plaster, sheetrock, steel studs, concrete wall, and even over your old ceramic tiles, suitable for different back wall situations.

spc wall panels installation

Right Accessory is Half the Job

spc wall panels accessories

Different trims to create a seamless look: internal corner profile, external corner profile, end cap, H-joint Trim, etc.

Say goodbye to cement and grout, messy and mould!

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One Product for All Demands

It can be used in bathrooms, shower areas, kitchens, living rooms and commercial areas such as offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Whole Bathroom Design

spc shower wall panels


Commercial Space

spc wall panels tiles projects renovation

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spc wall tiles samples