SPC Shower Wall Panels

Check out the modern alternative to tile!

What is SPC Shower Wall Panels?

spc wall tiles panels structure
spc wall panels structure

SPC wall panels are a solid rigid composite wall board with a tongue and groove click system.

Waterproof, stain resistance, low maintenance and easy installation, your modern grout-free alternative to tiles!

It can be used in the bathrooms and shower areas to create a hassle-free and soothing space.

For Bathrooms

Featuring the tongue and groove click system, our waterproof hygienic SPC wall panels can be easily installed in bathrooms.

No grout or mortar needed. Just a hassle-free renovation.

For Shower Areas

No matter whether this is a 2-sided or 3-sided shower enclosure, walk-in bath, or stylish NEO angle corner shower, our SPC shower wall panels have got you covered from heat to toe.

spc shower wall panels bathroom
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Different Sizes Available for You to Choose

spc wall panels tile sizes

SPC Wall Panels Standard Size

For the bathroom and shower areas, you can choose our SPC wall panels with standard size with click system:

2400mm* 600mm,

2600mm * 600mm,

2800mm * 600mm (with stocks)

Width 1200mm available, but without click system

Handy size: 610mm*305mm, 1200mm*600mm also available.

SPC Shower Wall Panel Kit

For a more convenient and one-stop solution, you can also choose our SPC shower wall panels kit with a set sizes.

One kit contains all the panels (ranging from 2-5 panels) and trims you need to renovation the 2-sided or 3-sided space.

spc wall panels accessories end cap internal external corner h joint trim

With All the Accessories You Need

Internal corner profile, external corner profile, H-joint trim and end cap, right accessory is half the job!

Niche and shower corner shelf also available!

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Big Advantages

We help to quickly coordinate e-business applications through revolutionary catalysts.

Waterproof & Mouldproof & Grout-free

waterproof spc wall panels

East & Fast Installation, Even on Tiles

spc wall panels tongue and groove easy on old tiles

Wipe Clean, Low Maintenance

How We Can Help

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