marble vinyl plank wear layer 20mil rigid core 4.5mm thickness from STEPGUARD MagicStone collection ML1309 Ocean Ambience
610mm 305mm grey marble look planks vinyl flooring rigid core from STEPGUARD MagicStone collection ML1309 Ocean Ambience

Ocean Ambience

Product Code: ML1309

Beautiful and serene gray tone with white veins drawn randomly in it imparts an air of elegance, just like the waves of the sea flowed from the horizon.
Pair perfectly with minimalistic, modern interiors and emanate contemporary elegance.

  • The place to linger for longer: we want to inject the place with more personality, and less chaos. That’s what our rigid core luxury vinyl flooring going for! The indestructible surface and easy-to-maintenance attribute make the place perfectly serve you better!
  • Instant enjoyment: installing tiles would be time-consuming, cost-consuming, and messy.  With our true-to-nature marble SPC flooring, just cast a spell, and your new life just begins.
  • Any design for anywhere in the space: from the beginning, we have been synonymous with cutting-edge technology and innovative design, and make our flooring ideal for residential and commercial applications.
Characteristic Result
Thickness 4.5mm (extra underaly attached available)
Size 610mm×305mm
Peeling Strength of Layers Pass
Shear Forces of Layers Good
Scratch Resistance MSR-B1
Residual Indentation
after Static Load
Mean value 0.01mm
Dimension Stability shrinkage≤0.02%;
Flexibility-20mm Mandrel No Damage
Resistance to Chemicals Class 0
Bearing a Castor Chair No disturbance,
no delamination
Color Fastness to Light ≥6
Wear Resistance T
Antimicrobial >99.99%
Toxic ND
Resistance to fire Bfl-s1
Slip Resistance R10
Phthalate Content Test ND
Formaldehyde Content Test ND


Ocean Ambience
Product Code: ML1309

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    Ocean Ambience
    Product Code: ML1309

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      Total Thinkness
      0.50mm (20 mil)
      Wear Layer
      30 Years

      Embrace the Clutter

      Embrace the Clutter

      Without Creating Chaos

      Without Creating Chaos

      spc luxury vinyl tile 8 pcs per carton ML1309 from STEPGUARD MagicStone collection
      Box Specification
      Planks per Box 8
      Square Meters per Box 1.49
      Box Weight (approx.) 14.07 kgs
      waterproof vinyl plank floor rigid core ML1309 78 boxes per pallet from STEPGUARD MagicStone collection
      Pallet Specification
      Boxes per Pallet 78
      Square Meters per Pallet 116.10
      Pallet Weight (approx.) 1115 kgs
      ML1309 (6)
      ML1309 (7)
      grey marble click vinyl flooring waterproof 0.5mm wear layer from STEPGUARD MagicStone collection ML1309 Ocean Ambience
      ML1309 (9)
      marble look luxury vinyl tile plank from STEPGUARD MagicStone collection ML1309 Ocean Ambience
      ML1309 (8)
      ML1309 (10)

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Contact us if you need any further information!

      STEP GUARD MagicStone collection gets inspiration from nature itself. Marble, ceramic, porcelain, cement, terrazzo, etc all artistically blend into every plank of our SPC flooring and make it last lifelong.

      1. Exceptional durability: exclusive 5S U-Guard coating system and enhanced rigid core protect the flooring against any impact, scratch, scuff, wear and tear, easier to withstand high traffic.
      2. Easier installation: Unilin click system gives you tight joints with strength, 6 times quicker, and 4 times more cost-effective than tiles.
      3. Well-being: sound absorption and natural materials without radioactivity, safeguard the health of every family member.
      4. Comfortable underfoot: softer and warmer underfoot feeling, waking up and standing on the flooring has never been so happy.

      Yes. Every plank of STEP GUARD flooring is certified by FloorScore and SGS, it is totally formaldehyde-free, VOC-free, and SVHCs-free.

      Yes, it is recommended to acclimate the flooring for at least 24 hours in the space where you are going to install for better results and a longer lifespan.

      Our 100% waterproof SPC flooring and tiles can be installed in any room of your home such as the basement, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc. STEPGUARD SPC flooring is an interior product and needs to be stored or installed in a temperature-controlled environment between 15°C-30°C (60°F-85°F)