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Opulent Walnut Nature

Product Code: VN1122
Distinctive and finest. Made from natural walnut and designed with a classic herringbone pattern, the smooth surface brings out the best color variations, natural wood grains, and a gentle feel, bringing a modern element of nature to the space and making it full of taste.
  • A piece from nature: we rigorously select the finest embodiment of nature and craft it into a work of art to deliver good nature vibes to living spaces. Breathtaking walnut wood veneer SPC flooring with herringbone shape is designed to bring luxury to the nexy level.
  • Bring nature in and keep water out: exquisite is backed by an innovative mineral core and a 360° waterproof coating system. The days of crying over the spilled milk are over!
  • Easy Cleanup: we know real life can be messy from time to time, with our next-generation hardwood flooring, we ensure that your flooring looks great no matter what life throws at it.
Characteristic Result
Thickness 1.2mm wood veneer+5mm mineral core+1mm IXPE
Size 600mm×100mm
Surface Smooth
Peeling Strength of Layers Pass
Shear Forces of Layers Good
Scratch Resistance MSR-B2
Dimension Stability Max expansion and shrinkage: -0.02%-0.08%
Flexibility-20mm Mandrel No Damage
Resistance to Chemicals Class 0
Bearing a Castor Chair No disturbance,
no delamination
Color Fastness to Light ≥6
Antimicrobial >99.99%
Resistance to fire Cfl-s1
Slip Resistance R9
Toxic ND
Phthalate Content Test ND
Formaldehyde Content Test ND
Opulent Walnut Nature
Product Code: VN1122

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    Opulent Walnut Nature
    Product Code: VN1122

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      23.62" x 3.94"
      Total Thinkness
      Wear Layer
      15 Years

      Walnut Herringbone Design

      Walnut Herringbone Design

      Next Level Luxury

      Next Level Luxury

      wood veneer packaging
      Box Specification
      Planks per Box 16
      Square Meters per Box 0.96
      Box Weight (approx.) 10.34 kgs
      wood veneer spc flooring
      Pallet Specification
      Boxes per Pallet 60
      Square Meters per Pallet 57.60
      Pallet Weight (approx.) 624 kgs
      VN1122 (6)
      VN1122 (7)
      walnut wood veneer spc flooring
      walnut wood veneer spc flooring VN1122 rendering STEP GUARD
      VN1122 (9)
      VN1122 (10)

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Contact us if you need any further information!

      LuxWood collection is an innovative flooring that combines real wood beauty with robust performance. Authentic wood veneer on top of the mineral core to offer the ultimate waterproof, durable and next-generation wood flooring you can have.

      Up to 7 layers of UV coating protect the surface against any scratch, scuff, stain, wear and tear. A timeless real wood beauty is now ready for you to live on.

      1. Waterproof wood flooring due to its innovative structure and technology.
      2. Mineral core with MgO added for better durability, dimensional stability and healthy attributes.
      3. ReinforceCoating technology protects the surface from typical wear and tear of everyday use.
      4. Tongue and groove click system for easier installation.

      Yes. It is recommended to leave an 8-12mm expansion gap between walls and floors. Please refer to the installation guide for details.

      Believe or not, there aren’t many rules to keep it clean. Sweep, vacuum, or dust mop as needed to remove loose dirt or grit from the surface. For details, please refer to the maintenance guidelines.