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Travertine Satin

Product Code: MP66
Natural earthy tone travertine design gives a natural touch to both residential and commercial areas. Appreciate a sense of intense harmony and comfort and the seamless beauty of the veining.
  • Waterproof SPC Shower Wall Panel: upgrade your bathroom and wet room areas with this rigid SPC shower wall system, for both 2-sided and 3-sided shower enclosures paired with bathtub or tray.
  • Grout free SPC Wall Panel: how to create a no tile shower wall? Choose SPC shower wall panels, grout free and mould free. From now on, say goodbye to exhausted cleaning, and say hi to a carefree life.
  • Rigid Composite Board Wall Panel: exceptional stain resistance, fireproof scuff and durable surface, ideal for any residential and commercial interior applications.
Characteristic Result
Surface Flat & Matte
Thickness 4.5mm
Peeling Strength of Layers Pass
Shear Forces of Layers Good
Resistance to fire B-s1, d0
Swelling in thickness after immersion in water 0%
Resistance to Chemicals Class 0
Color Fastness to Light ≥6
Antimicrobial >99.99%
Toxic ND
Lead Content Test ND
Cadmium Content Test ND
Phthalate Content Test ND
Formaldehyde Content Test ND
Travertine Satin
Product Code: MP66

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    Travertine Satin
    Product Code: MP66

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      H: 2.2m-2.8m
      Total Thinkness
      0.20mm (8 mil)
      Wear Layer
      10 Years

      Grout-free SPC Wall Panels

      Grout-free SPC Wall Panels

      Hassle-free Life

      Hassle-free Life

      spc wall panels MP66 Box STEP GUARD
      Box Specification
      Planks per Box 4
      Square Meters per Box 6.72
      Box Weight (approx.) 62.5 kgs
      spc wall panel MP66 Pallet STEP GUARD
      Pallet Specification
      Boxes per Pallet 22
      Square Meters per Pallet 147.82
      Pallet Weight (approx.) 1532.8 kgs

      SPC Wall Panels

      spc wall panel size
      MP66 (6)
      MP66 (7)
      MP66 (9)
      MP66 (10)
      MP66 (8)

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Contact us if you need any further information!

      STEP GUARD FastPanel collection is designed with a larger format and easier installation to floor your wall. With the superior performance of the rigid core and diverse design abilities, it will be the modern wall panel choice.

      1. Low maintenance: stain-resistant surface against any kind of stains such as wine, drawings, and other mess. Simply wipe it off and it will be as clean as day 1.
      2. Easy to fit: exclusive click and installation system ensures an easier, faster and more cost-effective installation, no grout required.
      3. 100% waterproof and moisture-proof.
      4. Better sound absorption and thermal insulation.

      It can be installed on  concrete wall, plasterboard, or existing tiles in any room of your home such as the basement, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

      Yes. With the enhanced wear layer and UV coating on top of the surface, our wall cladding is designed to witness every happy moment in your life, every careless kick and hit.

      Just wiping it with a damp cloth will be enough to make it fresh and clean.