acoustic slat wall panels AP020 STEP GUARD
oak acoustic slat wood wall panels AP020 STEP GUARD
natural oak acoustic wood slat wall panels AP020 STEP GUARD
acoustic wooden slat wall panel AP020 STEP GUARD
acoustic slat wood wall panel structure AP020 STEP GUARD

Classic White Oak

Product Code: AP020
Natural oak color with refined grains and smooth surface makes any wall a work of art.
  • Natural Oak Acoustic Slat Wall Panels: real oak wood acoustic slat wall panels with diverse formats height ranging from 0.6 to 3m, width 600mm, suitable to be used on walls and ceilings in vertical or horizontal way of installation.
  • Stylish and Versatile Acoustic Solution: wood veneer on top of the MDF slat and backed with premium PET felt, our acoustic slat wall panels offer class B NRC=0.8 sound absorption performance. And you can reach class A performance by installing them onto the battens with mineral wool inserted.
  • Easy to Install: either screwing the panels or using glue to stick onto the wall. And you can also choose to screw them into batons with mineral wool inserted to improve the sound absorption attribute.
Characteristic Result
Sound Absorption Coefficient NRC=0.8
Phthalate Content Test ND
Formaldehyde Content Test ND
Classic White Oak
Product Code: AP020

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    Classic White Oak
    Product Code: AP020

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      H: 0.6m-3m
      Total Thinkness
      Wear Layer
      10 Years

      Preserve the Original Beauty

      Preserve the Original Beauty

      Deluxe Aesthetic

      Deluxe Aesthetic

      acoustic slat wall panels box packaging 2400x600mm STEP GUARD
      Box Specification
      Planks per Box 2
      Square Meters per Box 2.88
      Box Weight (approx.) 25 kgs
      acoustic slat wall panel Pallet 2400x600mm STEP GUARD
      Pallet Specification
      Boxes per Pallet 20
      Square Meters per Pallet 57.6
      Pallet Weight (approx.) 530 kgs

      Acoustic Slat Wall Panels

      acoustic wood slat wall panels STEP GUARD
      AP020 (6)
      AP020 (7)
      AP020 (8)
      AP020 (9)
      AP020 (10)

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Contact us if you need any further information!

      No, interior use only.

      Yes, you can.

      If installing into ceilings, make sure they are screwed into ceiling joists.

      Please make sure the correct fixings are used if going into the plasterboard, for example. We strongly recommend strengthening the panel by screwing with screws, making at least 3 rows, totally 45 screws.

      Yes, you can.

      Only your imagination sets limits for use of our acoustic slat 3D wall panels

      Measure & Cut
      Measure and cut to length needed using the saw or circular saw;
      Cut panel to width needed using blade cutter


      • Type A: Gluing straight onto the wall
        A construction glue or grab adhesive is recommended for this.
      • Type B: Screwing directly into the wall.
        Using black screws for the black backing options or silver or grey screws for the grey backing, the panels can be screwed directly into the wall through the acoustic felt.
      • Type C: Screwing the panels into 1.8″ timber battens

      For details, please contact us for the installation and maintain guidelines.

      Simply use a dry cloth can wipe the panels down to keep it clean.

      To prevent dust, build up on the PET fiber, lightly dust with a soft cloth, or vacuum with a soft brush attachment.

      Don’t use harsh cleaners or abrasives.



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