The Breathtaking Visual Feast of 2023 Flooring Trends and Interior Styles

Get your hands on the latest flooring trends, warmer gray, and organic wood colors; rustic, modern, and biophilic styles. The feast of design, format, and surface.

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flooring trends inspiration designs for any style 2023

Every year there are trends for every part of the space. As one of the largest coverings in residential and commercial areas, flooring plays a vital role in affecting the vibe of design, expressing the styles, and telling the stories. It helps us find inner peace and nourish our spirit. Come with us to discover the top flooring trends and let our ideas spark your inspiration.

Scandinavian Aesthetic

Clean, minimal, calming aesthetic is expressed through the white walls, organic color floors, modern furniture, and various shades of gray. The no-fuss layouts emphasize an elegantly aesthetic and sustainable approach. With a stronger rigid core, well-being attribute, and durable surface, you will see the elements of nature with warmer tones getting more and more attention. Easy on eyes, hard to damage, effortless beauty is what you will get.

Browns with an Array of Possibilities

Mid-to-dark brown tones are starting to have a moment. While light colors are beloved for their ability to make a space look brighter and more spacious, brown colors add comforting, visual warmth and a cozier atmosphere. Paired with 1800mm SPC flooring longboard, EIR authentic 3D surface, and rustic design, every plank from STEPGUARD is designed to recreate the harmony of nature.

All About Classic & Patterns

We have been forced to slow down and spend more time in our homes, but people’s craving for a design that has the ability to create energy is springing up. Who doesn’t want a room that feels like a warm hug and a comfy rug? Natural wood colors with flowing veins, subtle knots, and refined textures are sure to bring out the liveliness and compliment any style of design.

Dynamic patterned floors are also the main choice for this trend and are made to evoke a sense of history and classic whether in herringbone or basketweave pattern.

Captivating Tile Colors

Nature is the best engineer, and stone and marble is the masterpiece of nature itself. Consumers today are building oases indoors to gain more access to livable, safe, healthy spaces within the home. Earthy jewel tones with true-to-nature marvelous marble veining to express individualism. Advanced technology and trendsetting designs have given rise to MagicStone collection that begs the question, “How can this be SPC Flooring?” 24’’x12’’ format with all the advantages over traditional ceramic, SPC flooring tile is the fashion, and we are the creator.

marble luxury vinyl tile

Biophilic Design and Sustainable Flooring

Along with the outdoor living trend, biophilia has been growing among people for several years. Consumers are longing to bring natural elements into home through colors, textures, shapes, and formats. Our LuxWood collection emerges from this concept and is created from the finest craft of nature itself.

Nature never repeats itself, and neither does our flooring. Every wood veneer on top of our EmpowerCore (an exclusive mineral core with MgO added) is carefully selected. Ranging from natural oak hues to brown teak and lively walnut, you can’t go wrong with this innovative waterproof hardwood SPC flooring.

Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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