Acoustic Wood Slat Wall Panels

Acoustic Slat Wall Panels

Wood veneer on top of the MDF slat backed with premium PET felt together achieves a NRC=0.8 acoustic performance.

Reasons To Become A Distributor Of STEP GUARD

We have a wide range of colors and shapes of acoustic wood slat walls that meet both personal and commercial needs. DIY-friendly, 100% natural material, and high quality, STEP GUARD is your trust-worthy walls and floors supplier.

acoustic slat wall panels

Wooden Slat Wall with Cyberpunk Aesthetics

acoustic slat wooden wall panels

Diverse Applications

walnut acoustic slat wood wall panels

Walnut Acoustic Slat Wall Panel

acoustic wood slat wall panels

Aesthetic Elegance

wood slat wall led light kit

LED Channel With Wood Slat Wall Panel Kit

decorative wood slat panels acoustic for walls

Decorative Wood Slat Wall Panels

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Case Study

Elevate the space with our diverse designs and colors of acoustic wood slat wall panels, DIY-friendly and easy installation.

Breathtaking Effect

You can even combine our acoustic slat wall panels with our SPC wall panels, make a good space better!

We have a full range of interior design

Not only acoustic slat wall panels for living room or bedroom, we also have SPC wall panels for bathroom. One stop for all you need to renovate your house.

acoustic slat wood wall panels

Acoustic slat Wall Panels

spc shower wall panel system

SPC Shower Wall Panels

waterproof wood veneer flooring

wood veneer flooring

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