Accessories Of Wood Slatted Panel, Unlimited Ways Of Wood Slat Wall Paneling

By using different kind of accessories, acoustic slat wall panels make your home better at look, more relaxing, and more elegant.

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acoustic slat wall panel heading

Metallic Cover Of The Wood Slat Panels

Explore options of the metallic covers to align with your design. These metallic covers engrave your design and add visual interest, and also enrich the layering of the wooden panels.

acoustic slat wall panel with metallic cover


The metallic covers are also easy to install or replace, just put it on, the metallic material makes it resistant to dust, so it requires a low cost of maintenance.

acoustic slat wall panel with metallic cover2

Light On The Slatted Wood Panels

DIY friendly for light design which changes a lot the style and ambiance of the space. Whether you want to shape it as letters, symbols, or abstract shapes, or you just want to put it in the space between the wood slats, there’s no limit to your design, just imagine it.

Customized light design for wood slatted wall


It’s very easy to install the neon light to the wood wall panel, you can just glue it on the wall, or use small nails to fix neon lights on the wooden wall. The choose of the color depends on the house owner.

Neon light on acoustic slat wall panel

By only using these two kinds of accessories, you can commence to imagine your room renovation.

Flexible For All Shape Of Wood Wall Paneling

Last but not least, the vinyle sheet of the acoustic slat wall panel is flexible that it can be shaped into a curved shape. From the walls to the ceiling, to the corner, acoustic slat wall panels renovate your house at best price.

flexible acoustic salt wall panel

Let acoustic slat wall panels decorate your house and accessories express your own vibe!

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Author: Zoe from STEP GUARD Floors & Walls
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