20mil luxury vinyl click flooring rigid core from STEPGUARD OriginWood collection CK3601 Harmony Haven
1800mm 228mm luxury vinyl click flooring cork underlay from STEPGUARD OriginWood collection CK3601 Harmony Haven

Harmony Haven

Product Code: CK3601
What a calm and clean color! Light color with flowing grains brings serendipity and a sense of fresh and airy element to the space. Nothing gives a space that warm, comfortable feeling like this one.
  • Make life easier: each SPC plank is engineered with 5S U-Guard technology to withstand the demands of busy family lifestyles.
  • The new natural: stylish design combines residential comfort and functionality in the most beautiful way.
  • Getting up in the morning would be much easier when you know a nice floor is under your feet.
  • Hygienic, phthalates-free and formaldehyde-free, set up a safer and healthier life for from the ground up.
Characteristic Result
Thickness 5mm+1.5mm Cork
Size 1800mm×228mm
Peeling Strength of Layers Pass
Shear Forces of Layers Good
Scratch Resistance MSR-B1
Residual Indentation
after Static Load
Mean value 0.01mm
Dimension Stability shrinkage≤0.02%;
Flexibility-20mm Mandrel No Damage
Resistance to Chemicals Class 0
Bearing a Castor Chair No disturbance,
no delamination
Color Fastness to Light ≥6
Wear Resistance T
Antimicrobial >99.99%
Toxic ND
Resistance to fire Bfl-s1
Slip Resistance R10
Phthalate Content Test ND
Formaldehyde Content Test ND
Harmony Haven
Product Code: CK3601

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    Harmony Haven
    Product Code: CK3601

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      Total Thinkness
      0.50mm (20 mil)
      Wear Layer
      30 Years

      Relax and Rejuvenate

      Relax and Rejuvenate

      Focus on Yourself

      Focus on Yourself

      spc flooring 1800mm 5 pcs per carton CK3601 from STEPGUARD OriginWood collection
      Box Specification
      Planks per Box 5
      Square Meters per Box 2.05
      Box Weight (approx.) 21.55 kgs
      waterproof hybrid spc vinyl flooring CK3601 40 boxes per pallet from STEPGUARD OriginWood collection
      Pallet Specification
      Boxes per Pallet 40
      Square Meters per Pallet 82.08
      Pallet Weight (approx.) 1105 kgs
      luxury vinyl click flooring spc from STEPGUARD OriginWood collection CK3601 Harmony Haven
      CK3601 Harmony Haven from STEPGUARD OriginWood collection

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Contact us if you need any further information!

      Cork Craving is one series under OriginWood collection. Featuring 1800mm×228mm longer format and 1.5mm cork underlay, it will deliver exceptional luxury and comfort into every space.

      Certified by SGS, STEP GUARD SPC flooring is grade 6 in terms of color fastness to light, which means it has a very good ability to withstand sunlight and doesn’t fade. But we still don’t recommend installing the flooring where it has excessive exposure to direct sunlight.

      Yes. Enhanced coating system, superior rigid core, tight, durable click system, and moisture-proof underlay guarantee you a 100% waterproof experience.

      Yes, it is recommended to acclimate the flooring for at least 24 hours in the space where you are going to install for better results and a longer lifespan.

      Our 100% waterproof SPC flooring and tiles can be installed in any room of your home such as the basement, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc. STEPGUARD SPC flooring is an interior product and needs to be stored or installed in a temperature-controlled environment between 15°C-30°C (60°F-85°F)