Acoustic Wood Slat Wall Panels

acoustic wood slatted wall panels

Wood Slatted Wall Panels

Natural wood veneer on top of the MDF wood slat backed with premium PET felt, our acoustic slat wall panels offer natural wood looks with additional sound proofing performance.

Technical VS Natural

Natural veneer series preserves the original features of wood species to achieve a unique overall look; while Deco veneer series offers you refined wood grains in a regular way.

They’re All Beauty, Choose What You Love!

DIY-friendly: Don’t Let Imagination Set the Limit!

Acoustic wood slatted panels are suitable to be used for walls, and ceilings, and can be paired with LED light and metallic effect. Samples are ready in hand, what about you?

acoustic slat panel wall ceiling
led light acoustic slat wall panels

NEW Acoustic Wood Slat Wall Panels

I know you want something different! Here we go!


hexagon acoustic slat wall panels



acoustic wood slatted wall panels square

Acoustic Slat Wall Panels – Ride the Trend

Perfect Design & Quality

We have our own designers regularly create something new formats and designs with premium quality, zero complaints! One-stop solution for all your demands from floors to walls to all the decorative accessories!

Fast Delivery

Some with ready stocks, some with shorter leading time, all for faster delivery

Brand Marketing Support

Brand-designed marketing materials make it easy for you to stand out from the crowd!

And So Much More!

We are only a few clicks away. Just send us an email, you will get the latest acoustic slat wall panel looks on the market! Global Dealers are Welcome!