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Your Stylish Acoustic Solution

Life sounds more beautiful when it is with nature. Acoustic slat wood wall panels with noise reduction strength can help to create a space that delights the ear.

A space that looks unique, feels comfortable, and sounds beautiful.

Acoustic Slat Wall Panels

Wood veneer on top of the MDF slat backed with premium PET felt together achieves a NRC=0.8 acoustic performance.

Natural or Technical, Beauty All the Same

Natural Veneer Series: preserving the original features of wood species such as oak, walnut, ahs, etc to achieve a unique and stunning overall look.

Deco Veneer Series: smoother surface with flowing and refined wood grains in a regular way to create a harmonious look easily.

Classic or Grand, or You Want to Choose Them Both

Classic wood slats and gap width create a pleasing visual interest in every space.

Grand size wood slats and gap width intensify the natural wood beauty and maximize the luxurious look.

Breathtaking Effect

You know you can even combine our acoustic slat wall panels together with our SPC wall panels to make a good space better!

Serene Space with Sincere Beauty

Creative expression with a straightforward acoustic solution, let the variety of tones and designs transform every space. Light up the space with LED light and other shelf accessories as well.

acoustic slat wood wall panel

Stylish Acoustic Design

acoustic slat wooden wall panels

Diverse Applications

grey acoustic slat wall panels

Decorative Look

walnut acoustic slat wood wall panels

Walnut Acoustic Slat Wall Panel

acoustic wooden slat wall panels

Elegant Solution

black acoustic slat wall panels

Black Slatted Wood Wall Paneling

Case Study

STEP GUARD Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels

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